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Wrapping babies, swaddling babies, cocooning babies... is a globally accepted & proven method for helping babies to settle and sleep. 

But there is a transition period for babies when moving from being snugly wrapped or swaddled, to a sleeping bag or under blankets. This period can be quite unsettling for baby’s & parents’ precious sleep routine.

The Love To Swaddle UP ’50/50’ is the no cry solution, which helps your baby, adjust to full blown freedom slowly. No matter how you have been swaddling your baby either with arms up, down or across their chest the 50/50 can help your baby transition out of swaddling and into a sleeping bag.


Size information:

Medium: Designed for babies 6-8kg. Wrap measures approx 70cm.

Large: Designed for babies 8-11kg. Measures 78cm.

Extra Large: Designed for babies 11-14kg.  Measures 85cm.

The length is measured from the shoulder where the arm zips on, down to the bottom hem.


Which size should I buy?

Please buy the correct size for your baby NOW. If the wrap is too big, it will not be effective and it may be unsafe if it is loose fitting and can stretch up over your baby’s face. Like baby clothing, a wrap needs to tbe the correct size to fit well.


Usually parents transition their babies out of swaddling by using a conventional wrap, they leave one arm out and then later leave the second arm out. There are potential dangers with using conventional wraps for transitioning as the blankets/bedding can unravel. Unraveling or loosening can pose a tangling, suffocation and choking hazard to the baby.

Providing the parent has used the right size the Love To Swaddle UP 50/50 has a snug fit and is ergonomically designed to fit thebaby, and therefore reduces the risk of tangling, choking or suffocation.

The top half of the 50/50 is the same as the ORIGINAL but the bottom half is slightly wider which helps the baby get used to not being so snugly wrapped.  This also makes the 50/50 a great option for babies with hip issues or a cast.

The bottom half is reminiscent to a conventional sleeping bag. As you transition the bub by taking one wing off at a time they slowly and smoothly end up in a Summer weight sleeping bag.

Transition your baby in three easy steps
1. Use your 50/50 just like the Love To Swaddle UP ORIGINAL (2 wings attached)
2. When your baby is ready to transition remove one wing. One arm is free and one arm is still swaddled.
3. After about three weeks its time to let the other arms loose! Simply remove the wing and now your baby has graduated to a soft summer weight sleeping bag!



Average Customer Rating

5.0/5 rating 5.0

(Based on 7 reviews)   Write a review


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Rating Worth Every Penny

By Amanda from Christchurch on 3 August 2016

Love this product. My 4 month old started rolling and was still swaddled. I started off with the Love to Swaddle 50:50 with one arm out, after two weeks we uncovered the other arm and it was such an easy transition. Now it is great as a sleep association for a sleeping bag.

Rating Love this swaddle!

By Jennifer from Raetihi on 23 July 2016

Love love love this swaddle! The Love to Dream range is fantastic - the jersey knit is soft and cosy, and my baby loved having her arms up so she could suck on her hands but still be contained to control the startle reflex. The 50:50 version was perfect for transitioning to a sleeping bag, and we have been using it as a light sleeping bag since. She has only just outgrown the large size now, at 8 months old. I would definitely recommend this to a friend :-)

Rating Easy transition from LTD

By Rebecca from Auckland on 23 July 2016

Great way to transition my little one from the standard LTD to having both arms free.

Rating Couldn't be without it

By Emma from Lower Hutt on 22 July 2016

We bought the 50:50 swaddle ups for my 4 month old daughter to start transitioning her to having her arms free. It is so helpful to have the option of her having one arm out while she gets used to it. The fabric is lovely and soft and love that the colours are gender neutral so they can be put away for future children. I recommend these Swaddle Ups to anyone who is having difficulties with traditional swaddling.

Rating Make the unswaddle transition very easy!

By Natasha from Auckland on 5 May 2016

My daughter was unswaddled in a matter of days using this. Fantastic and so easy. Same great quality as the other love to dream products.

Rating Best Swaddle Ever

By Kathryn from Hamilton on 15 January 2016

Have used love to dream swaddles since newborn for both my girls. So easy to use and they sleep so well in them. The 50/50 was great to transition her to a Love to dream sleeping bag, no fuss, only took a week and she was happy and still had access to her hands to suck on. Great product! thanks heaps.

Rating Great for transitioning!

By Julie from Porirua on 9 February 2015

My baby girl loved sleeping with her arms up in the love to dream swaddle,but when she started rolling, I knew we had to transition her out of it ASAP. We tried to go cold turkey and just took the swaddle off completely,and she went nuts. After 48 very sleepless hours, I decided to try the 50:50 instead.

The first week I left both her arms in and let her her get used to the extra leg room. The second week I left one arm out (switching which arm was out very sleep) and the third week I left both arms out.

The whole transition was seamless...no crying, no fighting sleep, it was easy. Now we're using the swaddled as light weight summer sleeping bags.

Worth every penny, I would highly recommend these if you're having trouble getting rid of the swaddle!

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The Sleep Store are super proud to partner closely with Love to Dream, who make the most amazing arms up swaddles and other lovely sleep products. Love to Dream are innovative and creative, the Love to Swaddle UP wrap is unlike anything else available and is much loved by our customers.

We highly recommend a number of products in the range and our Sleep Coach team often advise customers to try them to make a big difference to their baby's sleep and also to deal with tricky transitions such as weaning off swaddling.


Our top picks from the Love to Dream range are:

  • Original Love to Swaddle UP - available in a range of colours, the Love to Swaddle UP is a wonderful safe sleep option for babies who prefer access to their hands, resist regular swaddling and for parents who prefer arms up swaddling. These are one of our favourite baby shower gifts too. Ideal from newborn and we highly reocmmend as our top pick for swaddles from about 2-3 months as the startle reflex wears off and you start to think about weaning off swaddling.
  • Love to Swaddle UP Lite - one of our top 2 recommended swaddles for summer, this uses a very light but durable fabric for summer swaddling.
  • Love to Swaddle up 50:50 - this product is simply genius and is the best option on the market for weaning off swaddling. The Love to Dream 50:50 has zip off wings, so you can use with both arms in, one arm in and both arms out. So it doubles as your baby's first sleeping bag, making the transition from swaddling gentle and gradual. Highly recommended by The Sleep Store and much loved by parents.



Love to Dream make 5-star reviewed products, you can rely on them to be wonderful quality and to make a difference to your little people's sleep. Here's sone such review!

"I just had to write in to tell you how fabulous & fantastic your product is. Since the very first night I put my daughter India in your Love To Dream swaddle, she has not woken up in the middle of the night (ever) NOT ONCE! And that was nearly 3 months ago. Now I tell everyone I know with newborns that they have to get your swaddle. It's the best!".

"Absolutely love this product. We had 3 when my daughter was a newborn. We found she would get her hands out all the time when swaddled and would wake up. This product prevented that from happening and she slept so much better. It's also so much easier to swaddle that the traditional wraps. Highly recommended.





The Love to Dream 3-stage Sleep System:

Stage 1: Newborn - 4 months

Trying to get your baby to sleep can be one of your biggest challenges. See how the unique arms UP design of our Swaddle UP™ allows your baby to calm quickly for a longer, better quality sleep.

Stage 2: Transitional  4 - 8 months

Giving up the Swaddle UP™ can be a challenging process for your baby, and you! See how the Swaddle UP 50/50™ is designed to resolve this transition with a unique zip-off wing feature to preserve your baby's sleep routine.

Stage 3: Sleep Bags - 4 - 36 months

Worrying if your child is too hot or cold at night is a common problem for parents. Our range of innovative Love to Dream Sleep Bags makes it simple to regulate your baby's temperature without disturbing them.




About Love to Dream:

Hana-Lia Krawchuk, founder of Love To Dream™, & the inventor of the

3-Stage Sleep system™, knows that necessity really is the mother of invention.

Back in 2008, Hana gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Elijah. Like many new parents Hana & her husband faced significant challenges in getting her newborn son to sleep. Challenges that lead to months on end of sleepless nights, & hundreds of dollars spent on products that promised to restore the family’s sleep. Nothing worked. 

Trial-and-error & a mother’s intuition lead Hana to her first real glimpse of a solution: Elijah seemed to sleep better with his arms UP, rather than wrapped against his body as she, like most new mothers, had been taught to do.  Reading & research seemed to confirm it- medical science suggests that babies really can sleep better if they have access to their hands for self-soothing.

Using her skills as an experienced fashion designer, Hana spent many hours, days & weeks refining, simplifying, sampling & resampling the very first version of the signature Swaddle UP™. By the following year her prototype hit the stores of Sydney. Two weeks later it had sold out.  The Love To Dream™ story had begun.

Since then hundreds of thousands of parents across the world have come to learn that Love To Dream™ products really work! The Love To Dream™ range not only looks great, but provides the highest level of trust & quality & the solution to a very real parenting challenge.  Love To Dream can help your family achieve a better night’s sleep too.













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