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Fudgey Pants - Reusable Liners 10 pack

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Product Description


Fudgey Pants reusable liners are an extension of the reusable nappy that allows daycares etc to clean up a little easier or to use as a barrier to protect your nappy from cream and oil build-ups. The liners come in a pack of 10!

Our liners are the same microsuede as the lining of the nappy.

Wash them with your nappies!

Never flush another "unflushable" liner.


  • Use for an easier clean up
  • Protect your cloth nappies against cream and oil build up
  • Easy to clean with nappies
  • Convenient 10 pack
How to Use

Fudgey Pants FAQs

Do I have to touch Poo?

Nope! When you have the right setup for Modern Cloth Nappies, there is no need for you to be getting icky at all!

Here’s how it’s done:

Dealing with wee: Simply remove nappy from baby , unclip the inserts and store in a dry pail or laundry bag. Wash.

Dealing with newborn poo: Just the same as above! 

Dealing with solids poo: Try rolling/scraping poo into the toilet, store in a dry pail or lidded bucket. Wash. Or to make it even easier, line the nappy with a reusable liner, shake into the toilet and wash.

Do I have to soak or bleach my nappies to get rid of the stains?


A good wash routine will take care of stains.

Do I need a special washing routine for Modern Cloth Nappies?

You can check out our washing recommendations here but in a nutshell it's all pretty basic:

1. Full Rinse Cycle

2. Warm wash, no hotter than 40 degrees with a full dose of detergent

3. Line Dry for best results or in a tumble dryer on cool (inserts only)

Do I need a special washing detergent with Modern Cloth Nappies?

Nope! Anything natural is good! However, we do recommend avoiding softeners (these coat fabric and reduce absorbency) and bleach (breaks down PUL waterproofing).

Can I use Fudgey Pants at night?

Yes! Every baby is different (sleeps longer/shorter, wee’s more/less) so the amount of absorption required will vary from baby to baby.

Fudgey Pants 3-in-1 include built-in absorbency and an insert and booster combo, which when combined can often be sufficient for night times. If you do happen to require a little extra absorption to get you through the night, you can choose our Overnights.

Can I use Modern Cloth Nappies at Daycare?

Yes! Daycares are more than happy to use any type of nappy you choose - and the Fudgey Pants 3-in-1 Pant is especially daycare friendly!

If you have your nappies folded ready to go and pack them in a Wet-Bag, then it’s really no different for the daycare staff to using disposables.

How do I use Modern Cloth Nappies when out and about?

So many Modern Cloth Nappy newbies are unsure of using Modern Cloth Nappies when out and about, but its really, really easy - all you really need is a Wet-bag!

Here’s how it’s done:

Change bub as you normally would. If you happen to be near a toilet, tip any solid #2’s in (if not, no biggie, just skip this part), before rolling up your nappy, fasten with a snap. Store dirty nappies in a Wet-Bag (leak, and smell-proof too!) until you get home, and wash as per usual.

Do I need to change my baby more frequently with Modern Cloth Nappies?

Fudgey Pants are designed to be worn for the same length of time as a disposable nappy during the day.

At nights, depending on your bub (light / heavy wetter or sleeping through..) you may require a little extra absorption to get you through, select our Overnights.

Do I need to change the Nappy Covers each time I change Baby?

Yes. Each nappy cover is lined with a stay-dry suede cloth to keep bub feeling comfy and dry, even after doing a wee. It is important that each nappy cover, along with the absorbent inserts are washed after every use to keep them hygienic.

Can I use Rash Creams with my Modern Cloth Nappies?

Yes - it's recommended to use a liner as oil-based nappy creams can build up on the fibres of the absorbent insert, and over time reduce its absorbency but a good wash routine should prevent this.

Think you may have oil on your Modern Cloth Nappies? No worries! A Strip Wash will make them as good as new!

Materials & Care


Care instructions - Please always read the label on your product:

  • Warm machine wash, Mild detergent
  • Line or tumble dry
  • Do not bleach, Iron, Dry clean or use fabric softeners or oil based products

  1. Always put nappies on a pre-wash with half the recommended detergent dose and fast spin speed first to loosen and remove as much soiling as possible before the main wash
  2. Machine programmes will vary - try to wash on long 2+ hour wash to ensure the warm water will allow the detergent to thoroughly clean - multiple rinse cycles within the programme are preferred
  • Use the correct amount of a good mainstream washing powder based on the laundry detergent instructions for load size - water hardness will vary by location which will require an adjusted amount of detergent
  • Wash in water temperatures 40°C to protect the life of the PUL
  • To help with drying times an extra spin cycle can be used.
      • There is little bacterial risk from only washing in cold water - the length of wash is more important if still concerned add a hygienic laundry rinse such as Canesten occasionally.
      • Oil based products or fabric softeners will reduce the absorbency of the nappy and inserts
      • If fats and oils do build up over time an occasional strip wash can be used but not recommended
  • Never turn nappies inside out for washing or drying 
    • Turning the nappies inside will expose the PUL and increase the chances of damage to the waterproof lining 
    • The UV from sunlight will dramatically reduce the life of the PUL
  • Wash every 2-3 days dependent on load size 
    • alternatively, small loads put on rinse/spin cycle then back to dry pale until a full wash load becomes available unless you run out of clean nappies first
  • Optimum wash sizes - overloading the wash will prevent an effective wash as will a wash that is too small.
    • 5kg washing machine will take ~ 13 Fudgey Pants Cloth Nappies + inserts
    • 7kg washing machine will take ~ 17 Fudgey Pants Cloth Nappies + inserts

  • To prep before first use wash inserts 3-5 times - Absorbency will increase over 3-8 wash cycles. Nappy shells just need one wash.
  • Please note Hemp has the tendency to shrink after washing so please give a gentle stretch before hanging if you prefer.

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Brand Information
Fudgey Pants
Fudgey Pants was established in 2017 in Auckland New Zealand. Fudgey Pants are fun, fresh and modern. The products are 100% New Zealand owned and designed. Fudgey Pants are deeply passionate about conserving our environment by reducing landfill and producing the best quality cloth nappies and accessories.