The Sleep Store Code of Conduct



THE SLEEP STORE is committed to making positive economic, social and environmental contributions to society, consistent with the principles of honesty, integrity, fairness and respect and especially in regard to sustainability and protection of the environment.

Our directors have adopted this Code to provide a set of guiding principles to be observed by all THE SLEEP STORE personnel and our supply chain, and against which we hold ourselves accountable.


We expect all members of our team to act consistently at all times within the following principles:

1.    Act with honesty, integrity and fairness in both our internal and external relationships and be accountable for our decisions.

2.    Engage professionally and honestly in all our business relationships.

3.    Respect and support each other and those we interact with outside our organisation, value diversity and strive to achieve shared success in achievement of our goals.

4.    Provide a safe working environment internally and throughout our supply chain.

5.    Seek to make positive and sustainable economic, social and environmental contributions to the communities in which we operate.

6.    Respect and maintain privacy and confidentiality of information and accuracy of business records.

7.    Take pride in what we do and the reputation we have earned for seeking innovation and improvement throughout our business.


Core Values for our team

Working together in a collaborative session, The Sleep Store Auckland employees set out their own set of core values.

These are the values we aim to uphold every day:

- Success

- Awesomeness

- Loving our customers

- Being Ethical

- Enabling sustainable communities

- Working together

- Valuing time

- Being brave

- Taking responsibility