Ethical Sourcing Policy

THE SLEEP STORE aims to provide its much valued customers with quality products and value for money. In today’s global market, this means sourcing products from a variety of international locations.
In recent years, concerns over poor working conditions and environmental degradation in developing countries and emerging markets have made it necessary for companies to implement specific social and environmental criteria for the production facilities from which they source products, enabling them to share common goals and build long-term partnerships.
In order to address these concerns, The Sleep Store is introducing its Ethical Sourcing Policy to ensure it is:
·         sourcing its products in a responsible manner,
·         working with its suppliers to improve and maintain global best practice social compliance and responsible sustainable environmental practices,
·         providing clear guidance to its buying staff, and
·         protecting its corporate reputation and its brand.

Our Commitment

The Sleep Store is committed to upholding human rights, fair working conditions and environmental protection.
In accordance with the expectations of our customers, the community, and the requirements of the Law, we endeavour to always operate responsibly and we expect the same from our suppliers.
Maintaining a reputation for the highest legal, moral and ethical standards in our dealings with our customers and other key stakeholders is critical for our ongoing success. Our Ethical Sourcing Policy has been developed to complement our core values of integrity, trust and acting responsibly.
We are committed to working with our suppliers to help improve their social compliance and environmental practices.


We expect our suppliers to support the ethical standards set out in this Policy with regard to workplace safety, the environment, fair wages and employment conditions when producing and supplying products for The Sleep Store, no matter where they operate in the world. We recognise that full compliance with these criteria may take time for some suppliers, and we are committed to working with them to implement improvement plans and help them achieve compliance.

Social Compliance

Our suppliers must commit to complying with the following requirements which are drawn from the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) and International Labour Organization (ILO) Conventions. These requirements represent minimum standards based on the principles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

1. Bribery and Corruption

Suppliers shall not engage in acts of bribery and corruption and shall not falsify documents and records.

2. Labour Rights


3. Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected



4. Working Conditions


5. Child Labour

The Sleep Store supports ILO Convention 138 with regard to the appropriate age of workers and will not work with suppliers who use child labour.

 6. Living Wages


7.Working Hours


8. Discrimination

There is to be no discrimination in hiring, compensation, access to training, promotion, termination or retirement based on race, caste, national origin, religion, age, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, union membership or political affiliation.

9. Regular Employment


10. Harsh or Inhumane Treatment

Physical abuse or discipline, the threat of physical abuse, sexual or other harassment   and verbal abuse or other forms of intimidation shall be prohibited.

11. Entitlement to Work and Immigration


 12. Sub-Contracting and Home Working


13. Environmental Compliance


Compliance with the Policy

The Sleep Store expects its suppliers to comply with all aspects of this Policy, and will be extending its coverage of audited facilities and compliance monitoring processes to include these standards.
The Sleep Store is committed to working in partnership with its suppliers to help achieve compliance with this Policy. In the event where any supplier is unwilling or unable to demonstrate continuous improvement towards full compliance with our standards, the trading agreement between The Sleep Store and the supplier is subject to termination.