Working with GPs & Health Professionals

We know from talking with thousands of parents about their children's sleep that they have almost always consulted with their GP about why their child is a poor sleeper.

If you haven't undertaken specialist training in the field of infant or child sleep, you may feel you need useful suggestions for these sleep-deprived parents desperate for an answer.

Here are some suggestions on how we can assist you to solve your patient's sleep deprivation:



We have an excellent range of books and DVDs about infant sleep, which you may find useful for both yourself and your patients.

In particular we highly recommend:

The Sleepeasy Solution DVD - this shows parents how to get their baby or toddler sleeping through the night in just a few nights. It is a highly effective program developed by 2 family psycholists in the States. It would make an excellent resource for your practice.

Pediatric Sleep by Dr Jodi Mindell - an excellent book aimed at GPs with little knowledge of infant and childhood sleep problems. It includes a CD Rom for you to print out basic fact sheets for patients on all the common sleep issues you may encounter in your practice.

The Happiest Baby DVD - this covers how to stop newborns crying and settle them babies to sleep. Essential viewing if you don't currently have an effective solution for Colic. Usually these techniques will calm a baby's crying in a couple of minutes, even the fussiest, colicky baby. Also very effective for babies who may have reflux, and the techniques can be used before medication is considered.

Check out our range of helpful newborn sleep books and DVDs.


Sleep Tips Cards


Facebook Support & Advice

We have a very busy Facebook Discussion Page, where parents can post their sleep problem and gain support and advice. The Sleep Store moderates this discussion and contributes expert advice on a daily basis.


One on One advice

If you have a patient with specific sleep questions, you can refer them to us for a consultation  -