International Orders


The Sleep Store no longer accepts orders from outside New Zealand or Australia. Apologies for any inconvenience.


Shipping to Australia

Please order through

Delivery to Australia is generally 3-5 working days and this service is with Toll priority.

If your order can't be sent in a courier saychel, (eg it contains large items such as bed bumpers or duvets) then it will be sent by a different service which can take 3-7 days and will be delivered by AusPost.


PO Boxes:

Please note PO Box addresses can not be sent with our quicker Toll Priority service. We will contact you for a physical address. If we haven't heard back from you within a couple of days, we will then send your package on our slower Omni service which uses AusPost as this can be delivered to a PO Box.


Sales Tax & Customs Duty:

Please note: You may be charged sales tax and/or customs duty when your package arrives in your country.

Any taxes or dury are your responsibility and are not included in our prices.

Local sales tax may be charged on the total value of your order including shipping costs.

We will not refund international orders due to a customer refusing to pay for tax or duty.