Working with Midwives

The Sleep Store highly values the special relationship women have with their midwives, and the very important role midwives play in supporting new parents.

We are keen to work with midwives in sharing our knowledge of infant sleep and settling, particularly our highly regarded 'Happiest Baby' information.


Why do we Think Infant Sleep is so Important?

When a baby or toddler sleeps well, parents can sleep well. Sleep deprivation can lead to post natal depression, relationship stress, impaired ability to work and of course difficulty with parenting.


Sleep Solutions Newsletter

We produce a bi-monthly newsletter for allied health professionals, updating you on the latest relevant sleep research, new products of interest and giving you simple tips to share with parents.

Please email us to join our 'Sleep Solutions' mailing list.


Newborn Sleep Tips

We have an excellent card available for you to give to parents either preparing for a newborn or who need some information on settling their newborn.

We are happy to send you as many copies as you need.

Request cards here.


Ongoing Education

Are you interested in learning new techniques for calming crying newborns? Would you like to give your new parents practical tips to settle their baby and help her sleep longer?

The Happiest Baby program is taught by parenting professionals across North America. The program has received the overwhelming support of all relevant groups in the US...from the doulas (DONA) to the Surgeon General, from the founder of Lamaze to La Leche League, from Prevent Child Abuse America to Attachment Parenting International.

Click here to learn about becoming a certified Happiest Baby Educator.