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What do we not love about baby bath mats?

They’re too small (annoying), they’re stiff (ouch) and water gets trapped underneath them (nasty). Well, no more. RIPPLE covers a large portion of your tub, has a super soft textured surface to prevent slipping.

Also features a built-in hook for hanging and drain holes that expel every drop of water.

Size:  40 x 92.5cm


  • Soft textured surface helps prevent slipping
  • Suction cups keep mat securely in place
  • Drain holes help reduce mold and mildew
  • Covers large portion of tub bottom
  • Integrated hook to fold, hang and dry



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Rating Awesome product

By Tania from Swannanoa on 1 May 2017

I was worried that this wouldn't work for our 'centre plug' bathtub. But it's perfect, the baby can't pull the plug out and I can wash both kids together. Absolutely brilliant and easy to put in/pull out.

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WBoon Ripple Bathtub Mate love Boon at The Sleep Store! Fabulous quality and gorgeous colours, what's not to like! Plus the range is filled with clever and practical products which adults and little people enjoy using.

The Boon Drying racks are one of our favourite products. They look gorgeous on the bench and making drying bottles, teats and dummies fun. Plus they double as an excellent way to dry your wine glasses :-)

Boon also has bath toys sewn up, the cool toys such as Boon Pipes and Boon Cogs which add some fun science to the tub.


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