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Our No 1 best-selling carrier - in the most popular design, Cool Mesh. 

A fabulous light, easy-to-wear carrier in a stylish navy & silver combination.

Featuring the updated 2018 features of easy-to-use, 1-handed buckles on shoulder and waist, dual adjustable shoulder straps and chest strap slide rail for easy adjustment.

Filled with excellent features:

  • Comfortable padded waist with storage pocket.
  • Comfy padded straps which can be crossed for comfort, with easy-to-use buckles.
  • Adjusts from narrow to wider base with easy snaps.
  • Attached, easy to use, padded head support.
  • Well-padded leg supports for baby's comfort.
  • Chest strap adjusts easily with a slide rail.

Our No 1 best-selling carrier for newborns!

The Cool Mesh Beco Gemini is the perfect carrier for active families on the go. Made from a moisture-wicking microfiber fabric, along with a light 3D mesh panel and liner for a fresh take on breathable comfort.

Cool Mesh Gemini is also compact and light to carry, making it an ideal carrier to take with you on adventures and travel.

Unlike any active carrier on the market, Beco Cool brings you a performance fabric that wicks away moisture and keeps you dry.  Beco Gemini Cool helps to regulate body temperature so your baby stays cooler in the heat, and offers SPF 50 UVA/UVB protection to defend against the sun. Perfect for the beach too!

The Beco Cool mesh panel and liner promotes airflow and helps enhance air access for you and baby. Stain resistant, machine washable and fast drying. Light but durable.

No insert needed

If you have been looking for a gorgeous, comfortable and versatile carrier, look no further! We love that the wonderful Beco Gemini can be used from newborn without the need for a bulky infant insert and offers so many wonderful features.

Beco Gemini is a highly regarded carrier which will give you lots of comfortable babywearing. Your Gemini can be used from newborn (3kg) up to 16kg.

Filled with excellent features:

  • Comfortable padded waist with storage pocket.
  • Comfy padded straps which can be crossed for comfort
  • Extra secure buckles
  • Adjusts from narrow to wider base with easy snaps.
  • Attached, easy-to-use, padded head support.
  • Well-padded leg supports for baby's comfort.

The Beco Gemini is very versatile:

It can be worn in 4 ways:

  • Inwards facing
  • Hip carry
  • Back carry
  • Outwards front facing.

How does the Gemini compare to the Beco Soleil?Product Zoom

Any BecoBaby Carrier is a one-sizecarrier and will fitmost parents between 5 and 6 feet, babies newborn to toddler (7-45 lbs for the Soleil, 7-35lbs for the Gemini).

Care Instructions:
Wash on DELICATE/WARM cycle with a mild detergent. Hang dry in a well-ventilated area or tumble dry on low and remove when seams are still damp. Spot clean when needed. Do not wash frequently

About Beco Baby Carriers:

Beco is the original colourful modern soft structured baby carrier. We created Beco to give parents a design conscious and eco-friendly alternative. As a company we are committed to creating products that are practical, well-made and long-lasting as well as lovely to look at.

Before anybody else had applied a bold colourful look to a modern baby carrier, Gabby Caperon, an avid athlete, designer and fun-loving parent, was patching together the first Beco Baby Carrier prototype from things she found around her home.

Born in 2005, Beco Baby Carrier Inc started by creating hand-crafted one-of-a-kind baby carriers and has since grown into a modern enterprise with a full line of award-winning products. Distribution of our products can be found all across Northern America as well as more than 30 countries around the world.

Beco baby carriers have been featured and praised in many various printed and online media including the Fit Pregnancy, Mothering, Parenting, Babytalk, Kiwi, Pregnancy & Newborn, OC Family Green Child Magazine and Canadian Family.


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Rating Beco Gemini Review

By Elizabeth from Auckland on 14 June 2019

I recently won this carrier from The Sleep store competition and I love it!
Instructions are easy to follow and I can successfully wear it myself.
I used the carrier for about 5hours when I was out one day and it was so comfortable to use! Even when walking up and down hills and stairs. The waist band distributes the weight evenly on the hips and I didnt feel the pressure on my shoulders or back. Also the cool mesh allowed for better air flow and I didnt feel like we were both overheating. Usually my little one would be thrashing to get out of a carrier after a while but he looked happy in it and even managed to have a snooze. Love it how you can tie up the loose ends of the straps so it wont look too messy when wearing. It is handy to have the pocket to store loose items like your phone/keys but I found the pocket quite hard to get to with it being under my little one's bottom.

Rating Essential for Dog Walking

By Gemma from Hamilton on 30 April 2019

I read so many reviews and watched plenty of videos before purchasing our Beco Gemini.

It is incredibly easy to use and I wouldn't survive trips to the dog park without it. My little one feels really secure in the front carrying position. It allows me the freedom to walk the dog (and pick up her poop) without worrying about her shifting too much.

We also use it when going out for dinner. As she is snuggly and warm she usually falls asleep within a few minutes of being strapped in, ensuring a peaceful dining experience.

Rating Beco Gemini

By Corinne from Auckland on 7 August 2018

The most comfiest carrier I have ever worn. Would recommend to all the mummies and daddies out there. My baby loves it also. I love how I can wear baby 4 ways. Definitely one of the best carriers out there. Thanks Sleep Store.

Rating Beco 8 my favou rite carrier

By Joey from Renwick on 7 August 2018

I am surprised the parcel arrived early than the expected delivery date. I had tried on my 2 months old baby girl and she straight fall into sleep. Super comfortable and easy to cross buckle without needing to go through the guide book provided. And the best thing is come with an infant insert which I am using on my baby now... is the best carrier ever as I tried on other and baby got fussy and never like it. I highly recommend to buy this amazing carrier that can use it for long time.

Rating Love it!

By Jess from Gisborne on 7 August 2018

I love my Beco gemini and so does my 10 week old! Super comfortable for both her and I. Highly recommend this carrier for ease and comfort...no infant inserts needed which is a huge bonus.

Rating Absolutely love this carrier...

By Caitlin from Dargaville on 7 August 2018

Only had for a couple of weeks and bubs loves it. So comfortable to wear. Easy to put on... look forward to using lots of times :)

Rating Very Comfy Carrier

By Natalie from Auckland on 7 August 2018

I've been using this for a few days now with my 4 month old. I really like it, it's very comfy. I've had both a Beco Gemini and a LÍLLÉbaby previously and the Beco 8 combines some of the best features of both - I loved the Gemini for its crossable straps and the LÍLLÉbaby for its lumbar support and now I've finally found a carrier that has both! The side opening waistband pocket is a good addition and easy to access even with baby's bum in the way :-). Biggest downside would be that the hood is quite small and only accessible when the headrest is up. Also no colour options yet, but I'm sure they'll be added in time, and I do like the neutral dark grey colour. The infant insert is included and is a nice light weight cushion that snaps in so very easy to use (and not lose!). I'd definitely recommend it if you're looking for a newborn to toddler SSC.

Rating I love our Beco

By Lauren from Christchurch on 24 July 2018

I love our Beco, fits like a dream, wore it from the first week with our newborn and still going strong after 1 year - now using it for back carrying. Washes up beautifully (its seen a lot of milky spills from the early days with a colicky baby). Comfortable for both me and hubby to wear, great for long walks as well as shopping and errands.

Rating Can't recommend this carrier enough

By Sarah from Matamata on 24 July 2018

I am absolutely in love with the Beco Gemini. It is so comfy and such a good fit for me. What I really love is how easy it is to use with a little one. No fiddling around with an insert. Can't recommend this carrier enough as one others should try when looking for an SSC for a little one.

Rating A versatile beautiful carrier!

By Karlie from Whangaparaoa on 24 July 2018

I have had this gorgeous carrier for just over a month now, and have worn it almost daily to put it through its paces. I must say its gorgeous, we got so many compliments on it while out and about. And soft, straight out of the box!
The panel adjusts with a quick snap at the waist to go from newborn (3kgs) up to 15kgs! It can be worn in four ways, front facing in, front facing out, back carrying and on the hip.
When it first arrived we tried it facing out, as i hadn't worn an ergonomic carrier that could face out before it was a learning curve. Before trying it i couldn't imagine how it wouldn't pull on my shoulders or be uncomfortable but once i got it adjusted it was actually very comfortable and Clover was quite happy in it too. When forward facing the panel must be snapped to the smaller setting to keep baby in a good position.
To change her around to facing in on the front we unsnapped the panel and snapped it to the wider setting. It supported knee to knee with a nice amount of padding for the legs, but i have found at the end of this month she's grown enough that its no longer completely knee to knee. Her legs are still very well supported, but as personal preference i like to have a carrier that fits from knee crease to knee crease for as long as possible.
I was also easily able to loosen the straps a wee bit and nurse Clover while continuing on with the day. It was discreet and comfortable for both of us, and once she had finished or fell asleep it took two seconds to tighten it all back up and snuggle her close.
Changing the fit between myself and hubby was very easy. The strap adjustments are easy to do while wearing the carrier, and the webbing is thick enough that it doesn't twist or get caught in the buckle. The shoulder straps have comfortable padding and can be worn crossed which i find can mean a better fit for those with narrower shoulders.
When Clover fell asleep the snap up padded head support held her head in place comfortably.

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Beco Baby Carrier

Some of our most popular carriers amongst our customers are part of the Beco range, gorgeous up-to-date designs, comfortable and easy to wear and something for everyone!


Beco Story:

The Beco design evolved from founder Gabby Caperon’s own experience with her son, Duke.  Gabby wanted to keep her baby close, without limiting where she could go or what she could do.  She found a broken sewing machine, fixed it up and learned how to sew in just three weeks! The Beco Baby Carrier continues to be a first class real-time tested product, with the best interest of both parent and child in mind.


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