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Bobux I-Walk Range

Crafted from fast-drying leather, active kids can cool off in warm weather without water exposure affecting the condition of their Tidal sandals. With an unlined front, the quick-dry effect is able to work its magic and with a lined heel, delicate feet are kept comfortable. In a classic navy finish, the Tropicana is perfect for every summer occasion.

Quickdry 100% leather upper
Dry to touch just 20 minutes after water exposure
Adjustable strap closure to suit average width feet
Hardwearing TPR sole provides durability + flex
Suitable for confident walkers

The I-Walk range has been designed specifically for a confident walker's foot with a natural shape, flexibility and easy fit.

Built on the Bobux custom I-Walk last and in line with foot health best practice for the Toddler and Preschooler stage.

Size information:

Click on the 'About Bobux' tab above for the Bobux Size Chart.

About I-Walks: 

I-Walks hold a special place in the heart of Bobux designers. At this stage children are starting to have more of a say in what shoes they want to wear so, aesthetically, we get to have a bit of fun.

Of course there is much that needs to be taken into account at this critical stage. Running and jumping poses interesting design challenges along with the less obvious mental development going on at this stage. 

Based on Bobux’ expert foot health foundations and styled to demand attention, it’s no surprise I-Walks have been such a massive hit around the world.


Which type of Bobux should you choose?

Little feet start life so incredibly soft and pliable. They need absolute flexibility to develop as Mother Nature intended. Bobux believes tight fitting socks, rigid soles and materials that don't move with wriggles and stretches, can hamper healthy development. The range of Bobux shoes available at The Sleep Store can be broken down in to three main styles, Soft Sole, Step Up and i-Walk. Bobux has created each of these ranges to offer a different level of support and structure suited to the different stages of development a childs feet go through. Here's a breakdown...

Soft Soles - This type is ideal for babies that have started to crawl around and explore. They give their feet freedom to move and grow. They provide them with protection and comfort whilst ensuring secure grip.

Step Up  - This type is ideal for infants that have taken first steps in the last few weeks. First time walkers have a unique foot shape, which is reflected in the Step Up range. They are as flexible as a shoe can get for enabling unrestricted development.

i-Walk - This type is ideal for confident walkers that love running, jumping and going on adventures. A confident walker has a more developed, but still unique foot shape. The i-walk range accommodates this, providing the best possible flexibility whilst adding grip for kids on the go.

For more information about the different types of Bobux available at The Sleep Store the product's detail page before you add to cart.


Size 22 iWalk or Size 22 Step Up?

The I Walk is a different shape to the Step Up which make it a different fit, the actual lengths are the same.

When it comes to deciding whether to go with the I Walk 22 or stay in the Step Up 22 comes down to how well the child is walking and how much fat is still around the top and ball of the foot.  If in doubt stay in the Step Up!

It terms of determining how much room is at the end the toe to end of the shoe:

If the foot has measured at the bottom of a size, there will be approx. 12mm of room left to grow.  For example: if a child’s foot length is 140mm, they will be a size 23 and have 12mm left to grow.

If the foot has measured at the top of a size, there will be approx. 6mm of room left to grow. For example: if a child’s foot length is 145mm, they will be a size 23 and have 6mm left to grow.


What Bobux believe in...

Bobux want children to be free to grow and develop healthy feet for life.

Everything Bobux does comes from understanding and loving little feet. It is a fact that during the first five years of a child's life, their feet undergo an enormous amount of change. Children's feet need room to grow, flex, strengthen and develop naturally.

The best thing to promote foot health is allowing children to crawl, walk and run in bare feet. It allows them to naturally acquire balance, coordination and good posture.

Footwear should provide little feet with protection from harsh surfaces, but never hinder their freedom to grow. Nothing is more important than shoes that allow unrestricted, anatomical development.



Passion & focus

For the past two decades Bobux have recognised that barefoot is best for natural foot development. They draw on this philosophy every day to create footwear that mimics the freedom of barefeet.

To ensure Bobux shoes continue to meet the unique needs of each developmental milestone, Bobux has partnered with internationally recognised footwear specialists, last makers and podiatrists for innovative use of design techniques and materials.

All of the Bobux ranges feature very specific attributes that promote natural development.



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