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Tui Bee Balme is our original healing and soothing balme for scratches, burns, sunburn, cracked skin, grazes, rashes and scar tissue.

It may also help with severe conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Bee Balme is excellent for everyday use as a skin conditioner and barrier cream - especially for working hands.

Consistent feedback from mothers over many years confirms Bee Balme as a highly effective and truly natural treatment for nappy rash. It’s natural richness makes it an ideal medium for stretch marks both pre and post natally. It is also effective for cradle cap.

Great for Baby’s bum!

Propolis, used in Bee Balme, is inceasingly referred to as ’nature’s antibiotic’ - a marvellous natural substance utilised by bees to prevent bacterial infection in the hive. Vitamin E accelerates the healing of burns and damaged skin.

On application, the idea of ’use less more often’ is one to remember. Massage/rub into dry areas properly, working in all the excess, rather than having too much. It’s not that it will do any harm - it’s just a waste as the efficacy is at the point of contact, not on top of the layer already applied!

We have had great feedback on its use in secondary healing of severe scarring after major burns or other injury.

100gm  (Please note the size as the image shows the 50gm)

About Tui products:
"The Tui Bee Balme Co-operative (trading as Tui Balmes & Waxes) offers a consistent history and expertise in working with natural therapies and natural products. We produce a natural healing & skin care range that is gently, effective and altogether natural. "

"All ingredients used in our products are either whole substances occurring in natureor they are directly extracted from a whole, natural source.The Beeswax in our products is certified organic NZ beeswax.Our products contain no synthetic fragrances, artificial preservatives, emulsifiers, colouring agents, stabilisers, Parabens (aka Parabins) or other chemical additives. We make every effort to ensure that all ingredients are free of genetic engineering. We make every effort to ensure that none of our ingredients are tested on animals."

Customer feedback:
I LOVE this stuff. I use it on my 9 month old daughter who has bad eczema, and it has improved her skin condition greatly, possibly along with other measures such as avoiding certain food allergens. It keeps her silky smooth for many hours, isn’’t greasy and gloopy, glides on well and she enjoys a massage in the process. Often after using creams or lotions I feel the need to wash my hands, but I always want to leave this stuff soak into my own hands; does them the world of good. It has a pleasant smell and most importantly my daughter loves playing with the pot, using it as a drum! When she sees it she knows what’s coming and gets very excited. After trying a small 50g pot I’m now going to order a 500g pot. Definitely worth the money, and as it’s all natural you know you’re not rubbing any ’muck’ into delicate, sensitive, young skin.

Excellent product - I use it every day on my baby and she has never had nappy rash (we use cloth nappies). It leaves no residue on her skin as some of the other nappy creams do.

I heartily recommend this product. I find it excellent for nappy rash for my small baby, teething chin rash and general grazes. Overnight the redness seems to disappear. I have just lost my tub, while on holidays, and will be ordering a replacement immediately. A beautiful gentle product. As you only have to use a small bit, it lasts a long time and hence it’s greatvalue for money.

Baby Balm - 50gm

Baby Balm - 50gm


Tui Balms

Baby Balm - 100gm

Baby Balm - 100gm


Tui Balms