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These gorgeous winter duvets from Drylife are made with 100% Cotton percale outer and 100% TENCEL Eucalyptus fibre fill, for a superb natural comfort that helps draw away moisture to keep you warm and dry.

These lovely duvets are even machine wash and tumble dry, which makes them the perfect bedding choice for a child who wets the bed!!!

The soft, breathable fibre fill is ideal for sensitive skin - see the testimonial below for more info. The hypoallergenic fill is suitable for kids with allergies.

Provides exceptional comfort without weight - winter weight 450gsm.


  • SINGLE SIZE - 140 x 210cm

100% Cotton percale outer
Filling is 100% TENCEL Eucalyptus fibre

TENCEL - The New Age Fibre
TENCEL is a revolutionary new botanic fibre with exceptional properties for absorbency, hygiene and temperature regulation.

Extracted from the eucalyptus tree, TENCEL fibres have outstanding natural moisture management characteristics. Microscopic channels on the surface of the fibre draw moisture away from your body and release it into the air, leaving you dry and comfortable.

As well as providing exceptional warmth without weight, TENCEL is an efficient insulator, helping keep you warm in cool weather and cool in warm weather. It naturally reduces the growth of bacteria and resists the build-up of odour.

TENCEL fibre is made from sustainably forested eucalyptus wood, using a high-tech production process that has won many environmental awards. It is 100% plant-based and fully biodegradable - a true modern ‘wonder fibre’.

Our son has suffered from extreme eczema since he was nine months of age. He suffers from very itchy dry skin over his torso and neck. Diet and materials on his skin make a huge difference to how his reactions flare up. We have tried many courses of medication and holistic treatments and whilst they all work for a short period of time, Louis symptoms return and we begin the process all over again. Louis has had periods where he does not sleep well because of his eczema - he overheats easily and becomes itchy, so we dress him in fewer layers and he gets cold. With lack of sleep Louis becomes run down and his eczema gets even worse - it’s a terrible cycle.

We were fortunate enough to try the Drylife tencel range on Louis' bed. Finally a bed-ware range that allowed Louis to sleep soundly! He was snuggled up in his bed and dreaming peacefully immediately! The bed-ware was light, comfortable, warm and most importantly allowed Louis skin to breathe and therefore heal. Louis has been sleeping on the bed-ware for 6 months now and we have noticed a huge difference in his skin flares - they are less severe and frequent. On the occasions Louis has not slept in his bed-ware we notice an immediate change in his skin - he is more itchy and irritable as a result. When he gets back into his tencel bed-ware he snuggles down and appears to be very pleased to back in it. We would not hesitate to recommend the bed-ware to other eczema suffers as it is lightweight, breathable, warm and comfortable. It has certainly helped our son sleep soundly at night.