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IN760S011 Natural Fibre Toddler/Kids Pillow with Pillow Protector Now in a larger standard pillow size and includes a Sleep Store waterproof pillow protector! These lovely pillows are made of natural fibre and are not to be washed, therefore we do recommend using a waterproof pillow protector with them at all times. This gorgeous wool and organic cotton/hemp toddler/kids pillow is hand-made in Auckland by Innature. They are well known for their beautiful craftsmanship and use of high quality natural materials. The pillow measures is approx 48 x 68cm, and is approx 10cm high.  The pillow is lovely and soft, so it will be a lower under your baby’s head while supporting their neck and shoulder. An all natural, non-chemical, breathable natural wool pillow filled with 2 sheets of 500gm bonded wool and covered with INnature’s special organic fabric, which is woven from 55% hemp 45% organic cotton. Both wool and hemp have water absorbency properties that will help keep baby’s temperature regulated, keeping them warm in winter and cool in summer. Expect your pillow to naturally compact and felt-up with use. Please note these pillows are made from 100% natural fabrics and do smell like wool...While most people love the natural wool smell, please don’t order if you like don’t like woolly, natural smelling items!
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