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MG540S014 AllerProtect Pillow If your child (or you!) suffers from asthma or eczema, a dust mite allergy may be the cause. Once a skin-prick test had confirmed a dust-mite allergy, it’s essential to do what you can to reduce exposure to the allergens that result from dust mites. The key focus should be on the bedroom, specifically preventing dust mites from the mattress and pillow getting near your child. What is different about the AllerProtect Pillow? Made in New Zealand by Allergen Control Services using proven effective allergen barrier fabrics and proven effective construction methods. While there are many products on the market claiming to help with dust-mites, these are the only products we have found developed by an allergy specialist and recommended by the Asthma Society. Why does AllerProtect work? The weave on these cotton covered pillows is 5.5 microns, i.e. they are made from an incredibly tightly woven fabric with almost no space between fibres. In comparison, regular cotton pillowcases have spaces between the fibres of approx 300 mircons. Since the average dust mite measures approx 20 microns, dust mites are not able to pass through your AllerProtect pillow. Features: Constructed with 100% cotton precision microweave allergen barrier fabric Adjustable height and firmness. Genuine 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee. Machine washable (60 deg C) and tumble dry. Will not go "lumpy" when washed. No chemicals  Availability: We usually have the single beds
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