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1S230S405 Single SnugSheet Jersey - White If your baby is creeping up the bed or ending up with arms and legs tangled out of the cot, SnugSheet is just what you need. It allows your 6 - 30 month old to sit up (when they are able to) and enjoy some freedom of movement but it prevents your baby moving around the bed and it prevents them from standing up and falling or climbing out. SnugSheet™ combines a standard single bed sized, stretchy fitted base sheet with a sewn in baby sleeping bag (or gro bag) portion that includes a zip up bodice. SnugSheet™ replaces both the normal sheets (top and bottom) on a bed. It fits over the mattress just like a normal fitted sheet. Its soft, warm and comfortable and the child has a fair degree of freedom of movement and can sleep in a comfortable position of their choosing.  What is a SnugSheet? SnugSheet™combines a baby sleeping bag concept which is neatly sewn into its own fitted base sheet for added security and safety. The Single SnugSheet fits a standard single bed, which means your baby can safely move into a bed from the need for a cot! Size information: As a general guide measure your baby around the chest under the arms – At the widest part of the chest. This is the most important measurement with regards the fitted bodice. It does not matter how long/tall your baby is. The maximum chest measurement that will fit comfortably is 67 cm. SnugSheet™ Single is designed to fit a standard single bed mattress. Fabric: SnugSheet™ is made from soft, slightly stretchy 100% cotton jersey fabric  - with reinforced stitching andseams and a strong and durable front zip.
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Snug Sheet

BO150S010 Babe-Sleeper - White Cotton The MotherWise Babe-Sleeper is a 100% cotton sleep-bag attached to its own special base-sheet. This innovative product designed to fit infants approx 3-36 months, and features under-arm snaps for a safe and secure fit on babies over 6kg.  Babies have the freedom to roll from side-to-side and sit-up, but the BabeSleeper prevents them from moving all around the cot or standing to climb and fall out of the cot. Being 100% cotton, it is designed for year-round use.  In the hottest days of summer, an infant can sleep very comfortably in it with just a nappy on – it is similar to sleeping with just a cotton sheet on top. For winter months, use warmer clothing and a sleeping bag inside the Babe-Sleeper, adjusting layers depending on your child and the temperature. Benefits: Your baby can not move round the cot or stand up, but can roll or sit. Your baby is more likely to stay warm, as it’s much harder to kick off the covers. Arms or legs can’t get stuck through cot bars or head knocked on the end of the cot. Your baby will build positive sleep associations with getting into the sleep-bag and will more settle quickly to sleep. It provides excellent value as it replaces both the top and bottom cot sheets, and can be used from approx age 3 to 36 months.  It adapts to fit all standard cots, single & king single mattresses. You can add extra clothing or blankets over the top for additional warmth. However the best option is to use a sleeping bag inside the Babe Sleeper.  Size info: Can be used on all standard cots Use the enclosed extension straps to fit a single or king
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BO150S620 Extra Babe Sleeper Extension Straps Extension Straps accessory for the MotherWise Babe-Sleeper. Attaches to the Babe Sleeper (sold separately) so it can fit a single or King Single mattress. Pack Contains: 2 x 160cm 3 x 105cm
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SA230S011 Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap - Large (Travel) The ingenious, simple wrap design of the SAFE T SLEEP™ SLEEPWRAP® product keeps your baby sleeping in a comfortable and safe sleeping position. Travel Sleepwrap: For use in a cot, standard single, king single, double, queen and some king beds, boat or caravan mattresses. Fabric:  100% cotton - White with white trim For use from birth Now includes the leg piece, so it can also be used with an elevated cot. The SAFE T SLEEP™ SLEEPWRAP® product was developed after wide consultation, extensive trials and research into sleep safety for infants aged 0-3 years. The product has had full Hospital Clinical Trials, and has been used for over 150,000 babies worldwide. It is endorsed by a myriad of Medical Professionals, Hospitals, Safety Organisations, Parents, Caregivers. When used in accordance with the product instructions, and positive, nurturing, parenting skills, the GENUINE SAFE T SLEEP™ SLEEPWRAP® product has the following benefits: PEACE OF MIND FOR YOU DUE TO YOUR BABY’S INCREASED SAFETY Keeps baby or toddler from sleeping on their tummy, thus reducing the largest risk of SIDS. Stops creeping in the cot, reducing the risk of suffocation, and or baby’s limbs getting caught in cot bars or beside the mattress, or face under the blankets or jammed in dangerous corners. Can help establish a safe, comfortable sleep position for Reflux babies (SafeT Sleep reflux). Helps prevent and/or correct flat/misshapen heads. Helps prevent falls from cots/cribs, by notallowing toddlers to walk around, stand and topple, or climb out. Ideal to help in the trans
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Safe T Sleep