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Standard Lights Out Blackout Blind - 2pk The Lights Out Black-Out Blind are super quick to put up and easy to use.  Ideal for rooms where there are no curtains or the curtains are too light for sleep! Versatile 2 pack. What size windows are these suitable for? The blinds each measure 1m x 1.2m. However please note they have rounded corners so you may have a small gap in each corner where the blind is curved if you are using with a 1m x 1.2m window.   We recommend using 2 blinds to overlap and sit the blind over the frame rather than inside the window frame.  The blinds also come with an accessory to use with deeper window frames. How do I get the suction cups to stick? There is one cup in the centre of the blind. Make sure window is clean and doesn't have residue from cleaning products. It will only stick to smooth glass. Tip from Louise - Lick your finger & very slightly moisten the suction cup to help it form a firm suction. What makes Lights Out Blinds unique? They take seconds to put up/take down (see demonstration video). Each pack contains two blinds, offering positioning flexibility. They can be attached to open windows, allowing in the breeze on hot summer nights. They can work on recessed windows. Unique design means no fiddly size adjustments are necessary (read more). They are not window specific, so can be moved from room to room. Simple attachment with one sucker applied to the centre of the window. No need to reach to the top. They are a cheaper, multipurpose a
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