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This gorgeous wool and organic cotton/hemp mattress is hand-made in Auckland by Innature. They are well known for their beautiful craftsmanship and use of high quality natural materials.

The bassinet mattress is approx 40 x 76cm, designed to be a snug and safe fit in your Cariboo bassinet.

An all natural, non-chemical, breathable natural wool mattress filled with 2 sheets of 500gm bonded wool and covered with INnature’s special organic fabric, which is woven from 55% hemp 45% organic cotton.

Both wool and hemp have water absorbency properties that will help keep baby’ s temperature regulated, keeping them warm in winter and cool in summer.

Expect your mattress to naturally compact and felt-up with use. Can be hand washed at a luke-warm temperature, use only wool detergents and dry flat in the sun. 

Please note these mattresses are made from 100% natural fabrics and do smell like wool...While most people love the natural wool smell, please don’t order if you like don’t like woolly, natural smelling items!

Please note these are a medium softness. If you want a firm bassinet mattress, please choose either foam or latex.


PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THESE BE USED DIRECTLY ON TOP OF ELECTRONIC SENSOR PADS . The warmth from the sensor pads can lead to mould developing in the mattress unless you air your mattress very regularly. If you do choose to use this mattress with a sensor pad, please wrap the sensor pad in a wool blanket or similar to absorb any moisture.

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