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Please note these bassinets are refurbished stock with a new mattress, fabric sides, straps, packaging and wooden components, if scratched or marked. These ex-rental Bednests are 'as new' and superior to any Bednest on the second hand market.

Unique bedside crib

The Bednest is a unique bedside crib that attaches safely to virtually any bed allowing your baby to "co-sleep" in safety.

It is the "must have" crib for all mothers as the designers have used all the best available information on infant feeding, bonding and co-sleeping to bring you the ultimate crib for sleeping next to your baby safely.

The Bednest is supplied with a mattress, and a zip-off mattress cover is included. Sheets are not included and are sold separately.

Benefits of the beautiful Bednest:

  • Your baby has his/her own safe sleeping space
  • Enjoy sleeping with your baby peacefully and closely together
  • When your baby stirs you will immediately hear him/her
  • Easy to feed at night without getting out of bed
  • Easy to settle back to sleep again
  • Perfect for bonding with your new baby

Versatile uses:

The Bednest is very versatile and can be used in a number of ways:

  • As a co-sleeper next to parent’s bed
  • As a stand-alone bassinet
  • As a moses basket on the floor
  • It packs up into a carry bag (sold separately) for easy transporting for holidays.
  • It can used with the side down (next to parent’s bed) or with both sides up as a bassinet.

Safety FAQ:
The Bednest has been certified as meeting the requirements of the relevant British and European Standard BS/EN 1130 by FIRA (The Furniture Industry Research Association).

Q: How long can I use the Bednest?
A: The Bednest is designed to be used until your baby is 6 months old. If your baby can sit unaided then he/she has outgrown the Bednest.

Q: What is the upper weight limit for a baby to use the Bednest?
A: Maximum recommended weight is 10kg

Q: Can my baby roll out into my bed?
A: Babies start to roll at approximately 3 months and at this stage we suggest that you keep the side folded up fully when you are not awake.

Q: Is it safe to let the baby sleep with the side down if I am not in the bed?
A: No, your baby must never be left with the side down unless an adult is present.

Q: Is it possible to use a baby respiratory monitor with a sensor pad under the mattress with the Bednest?
A: No we do not recommend this, as the presence of an adult can interfere with the sensor pads.

Bednest dimensions / materials

Q: Does the Bednest fit all types of beds?
A: Yes we think so – but please ask if you have a specific query.

Q: Will the Bednest fit my bed? How high/low does it go?
A: The height of the Bednest is easily adjustable and may be used with beds where the top of the mattress is no less than 300mm and no more than 660mm from the floor.

Q: What is the weight of the Bednest?
A: The crib alone weighs approx 7.5kg. The complete Bednest in its carry bag weighs approx 13.5kg.

Q: What are the external dimensions of the Bednest?
A: Length 860mm, width 475mm, height to top of baby’s mattress adjustable between 360mm and 660mm. The box in which your Bednest is delivered is 880mm x 530mm x 240mm weighing approx 16kg.

Q: What size mattress does the Bednest take?
A: Length 810mm, width 370mm, thickness 40mm. The Bednest is supplied with a mattress.

Q: What size is the mattress for the original plastic Bednest?
A: Length 740mm, width 385mm, thickness 40mm.

Q: Is the mattress waterproof?
A: It is wipeable and water resistant. It is foam with a polypropylene cover.

Q: Where do the Bednest materials come from?
A: The Bednest is made in Europe from wood sourced from sustainable forests.

2015 Modification:

Bednests sold after 2015 were to be modified so that the side panel no longer folds in half. if you are considering a second hand Bednest, please ensure that the side panels are both rigid and do not fold. Please ask us for a modification kit if your second hand Bednest has a folding side.

Customer Feedback:

Jools Oliver said: “We love the Bednest as we have never had anything like it before for our other three children. I love the way it is so close to our bed the sides are really easy to pull down and I could practically roll little Buddy from my boob to bed!!!!!   Easy and definitely eliminates the fear of falling asleep with them in your bed and suffocating them as they lay safe next to you but in their own safe little cosy bed. Brilliant! Also large enough to last longer than the moses, Buddy now sleeps in the Bednest in his nursery as I think he is a little small for his cot, so it’s perfect.”


Your Bednest will be shipped from our warehouse in Auckland or you are welcome to arrange to collect it if you are in Auckland. Please note this item is excluded from our free shipping offer.

Sheets and other accessories are listed separately.

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