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1X1X0W815 Bed Wetting - Digital eBook (NZ) Use this introductory eBook to familiarise yourself with the essentials of managing and surviving bed-wetting with your child.  In our bedwetting eBook you'll find information on the following topics:   Bed wetting tips for children 5 years plus Surviving bed wetting, our top tips Bedwetting essentials Advice on using reward charts Bed wetting star charts Progress diary Reward certificates Links to further advice & information Included in these pages are printable star charts that can be coloured in and completed to help encourage your little one. You’ll also find a bedwetting progress chart and certificates of achievement to reward great behaviour. We’ve also included our two most popular articles on bedwetting in this eBook which are packed full of useful tips. At the end of the articles is a link to further advice and resources. VIP mailing list subscriber offer. You can download this eBook for free by subscribing to our VIP mailing list click here to subscribe. A link to your eBook is emailed to you straight after you’ve purchased it.  No waiting around. Tips on downloading our eBook to your device: This Sleep Store eBook is a digital file.  After purchasing our eBook you will be emailed a link to download it. This eBook has been designed to be read on mobile devices and contains links to further information and videos hosted on our website.  The link in the email will download the eBook PDF to your device.  If you are an Android or des
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Waterproof Cot Pad with Wings - Galaxy Introducing the latest addition to the Brolly Sheet family; the uber stylish Galaxy black coloured print on a white background.  Take the hassle out of constantly stripping beds with Brolly Sheets Cot Pads.  The super versatile, waterproof tuck in bad can be used in all sorts of places.  From baby’s usual cot to travel cots, these waterproof cot pads are super useful for young babies who have reflux or spill a lot.  Easily portable, they are also convenient for protecting flooring during nappy free time or protecting pillows when the inevitable vomiting bug strikes.   All you have to do is lay the Cot Pad over the bottom sheet and tuck in for a secure fit, when wet or spilt on, it takes just seconds to replace with another. Size: ● The Petite size waterproof panel is approx: 70 x 50 cm  (27 x 20 inches) ● The size of the Wings/Flaps is approx: 50 x 30 cm (20 x 12 inches) Product details: ● Top: 100% cotton ● Middle layer: 95% polyester / 5% rayon ● Backing: 100% polyester backed polyurethane (PUL) ● Flaps: Poly cotton    Safety Instructions: ● Stop use if baby is moving about in bed and the Brolly Sheet may become untucked
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Brolly Sheets

Single Bed Brolly Sheet - Galaxy Introducing the latest addition to the Brolly Sheet family, uber stylish Galaxy black coloured print on a white background! Take the hassle out of bedwetting by simply placing the bed pad on top of the bottom sheet and tucking in the side flaps - when wet, it only takes seconds to replace with another...this means no more completely stripping the bed!! Your child sleeps on the 100% cotton, comfy top whilst the middle layer and waterproof backing keeps the bottom sheet & mattress dry.  Older children can easily change a Brolly Sheet for themselves, which gives them independence and dignity when dealing with bedwetting - and more sleep for Mum & Dad! Perfect for people of all ages, the Brolly Sheet bed pad is also handy for pregnant Mums who are worried their waters will break in bed. Product details: Each Brolly Sheet has a colour fast, 100% cotton, comfortable top, a super absorbent middle layer and a water proof backing to protect your mattress with cotton flaps either side to help hold the pad in place. The waterproof backing is not PVC, but a new type of fabric which is almost like tee shirt material with a water proof layer, it's very soft and makes no noise.   Versatile: If you are nervous about how your child will sleep in an unfamiliar environment - holiday, sleepovers, grandparents house, then get peace of mind by packing a couple of Brolly Sheets with their pajamas. If your child has a tummy bug, put an extra Brolly Sheet over their pillow area or place under them on the couch. Size:  The Single size waterproof panel is approx (W)95cm x (L)95 cm, flaps are an extra 45cm each side.
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Brolly Sheets

TP150W701 THERApee Bed-Wetting Kit The Ultimate Bed-wetting Solution - THERApee is suitable for children and teenagers between the ages of 4 to 18! We are super excited to be able to bring to you THERApee by Dr. Sagie - a world-renowned expert in the field of bedwetting (enuresis) who has treated more than 40,000 patients since 1984. He is the founding director of multiple enuretic clinics worldwide. THERApee is the only online bed-wetting treatment in the world, and that is exactly how it can produce outstanding results - because it can be uniquely set up for your child's individual needs, all from the comfort and privacy of your own home, yet it can capture all the benefits of a one-on-one meeting with a specialist. You don't need to be a clinician to answer our questions, we've made the whole system as user-friendly as possible, both to set up, and to enable your child to interact in a wholly positive situation - we know praise and reassurance are vital to the success of the treatment. We also know that the treatment cannot be the same for a five year old child who frequently wets the bed, to a ten year old who still has the occasional accident.  In addition to the interactive software for the online treatment, THERApee includes the most advanced and safest, child-friendly bedside alarm on the market. Totally detached from your child's body, the alarm has no radio-wave transmitter, so it is 100% safe, without question.  With THERApee all you have to do is answer a few questions online about your child's problems, and the system will automatically be set up to deal with their individual problem. With video interaction, THERApee is a tried and tested method where neither you, nor your child, need be put in an awkward or embarrassing situation.  The system is also designed for maximum flexibility as we realize everyone's circumstances are different. That is why, i
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