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RO050W602 Lulla Doll Sleep Companion - Generation Three New and Improved - Generation Three The new Generation Three Lulla Doll now comes in three colour variations, has adjustable and improved sound and also offers an improved running time of 12 hours. The battery life has now been tripled in the new model! The new fabric used is softer and more durable, with adorable embroidered details. Lulla now comes in a beautiful strong gift box and includes a signature calico wash bag for machine washing. The doll can be machine washed at 40C or even 60C to kill any bacteria, after taking out the easily removable sound box from its velcro pocket. The doll uses 2 x AA batteries. Read more about battery usage below. Will Lulla help my baby or toddler sleep better? The reviews of Lulla have been good overall, or we would not be selling it! Many families have reported that Lulla has made a difference both to settling and improved sleeping overnight. However there are also families who have bought Lulla and found no difference to their child’s sleep as a result of introducing Lulla. Lulla uses white noise for soothing, along with the soft doll as a comfort item to cuddle. Both white noise and comforters are well known to help children sleep better and are two of the things we frequently recommend as part of our sleep advice and article. BUT we are not suggesting that Lulla is a magic bullet that will miraculously improve sleep just by adding the doll to your child’s bed!  Lulla will work most effectively when you are also addressing factors leading to night waking or poor settling skills, including teaching your baby to fall asleep without help. So yes we do think that Lulla will be a very useful addition to a sleep plan or to your bedtime routine but it is certainly not guaranteed to improve sleep if this is all you
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