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Babies find the sound of a blow dryer very comforting!
Like our Baby’s Vacuum Cleaner CD, Baby’s Blow Dryer CD calms and soothes babies, especially if they have colic.

Helps fussy or restless infants. Thousands of thankful parents can attest to the benefits of a running blow dryer sound to help ease colic or help their little ones fall asleep.

The CD offers many advantages over an actual blow dryer. You won’t burn out a blow dryer motor. A CD is a lot easier (and safer!) to play all night than your blow dryer. You can control the decibel level of a CD. A CD frees you up to cuddle your baby with both hands. Best of all, the combination of a digitally recorded blow dryer and pure white noise provides a more soothing sound for baby.


Baby’s Blow Dryer CD - one full hour


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