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White Noise

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We highly recommend this wonderful CD, as we constantly get great feedback about how effective it is.

Ideal for settling newborns and for helping older babies sleep through the night.Ease colic with a kinder, gentler pure white noise sound. Designed especially for children birth to 5 years of age, this soft white noise sound is formulated for the little ones with colic.

Helps babies relax and fall asleep safely, naturally, without medication. In addition to easing colic, the soothing "whoosh" sound of steady white noise has also been shown to calm infants and newborns, even when they’re fussy or crying.

Ideal for adults, too! If you find white noise machines or white noise generator sounds too harsh, then this CD may be the perfect solution. Its CD format also offers greater portability and sound volume control.


Baby’s First White Noise CD - one full hour


Hear a Sample: Baby’s First White


"I can’t believe how well it works! In fact I’m wondering if I should wake him up as he has been asleep for nearly 2 hrs now?" Thanks again , Devoney