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Try them all and find which is most effective with your baby, as different babies respond to different sounds.

You can easily work out which sound works best when your baby is crying, colicky or restless, and what gives your baby the relaxation needed to fall asleep.

Some babies respond well to all 7 sounds, so you can play the whole CD through from start to finish (and then set on repeat).

Alterantively play the CD and watch to see which sound your baby respond best to. You can then either repeat that one sound or purchase a full length CD of just that sound. For example, our top selling white noise CDs are Baby’s First White Noise, Baby’s Blow Dryer and Baby’s Vacuum Cleaner.

We recommend playing the CD loud enough that your baby can hear it over any crying. Then once baby is relaxed and asleep, set to play on repeat and turn down volume to a comfortable level.

White Noise Sampler plays for a total of 74 minutes.

1. Baby’s Vacuum Cleaner 10:00      Hear a Sample: Baby’s Vacuum Cleaner
2. Baby’s Dishwasher 10:00               Hear a Sample: Baby’s Dishwasher
3. Baby’s Blow Dryer 10:00                 Hear a Sample: Baby’s Blow Dryer
4. Baby’s Running Water 10:00         Hear a Sample: Baby’s Running Water
5. Baby’s ClothesDryer 10:00            Hear a Sample: Baby’s Clothes Dryer
6. Baby’s Electric Fan 10:00               Hear a Sample: Baby’s Electric Fan
7. Baby’s First Pure White Noise® 14:00 Hear a Sample: Baby’s First White


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