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Cuski is a calming, safe and a healthy alternative to other infant comforters or sleeping aids.

Suitable from birth Cuski has all the qualities a child looks for in a comforter, softness, sheer lovability and of a course a label to twiddle but unlike a traditional blanket it can be easily replaced if lost or damaged.

Babies love Cuski, and most babies attach to a Cuski quickly and find it a helpful self settling tool.

Cuski is a truly amazing comforter and it is always best to have 2 during the early days especially if planning to breast feed, one with baby one with mummy and keep swapping…

It is machine washable, can be tumbled dried and retains its comforting softness, wash after wash.

Cuski® is the anglised Welsh term for ’sleep’, and was created to bring comfort to babies and toddlers all over the world.


Super soft terry cotton (80% cotton & 20% polyester), with cotton filling in the head. The small polyester component helps Cuski stay soft & retain its colour, even after years of cuddling and washing.

Directions for use:

Keep Cuski close to you, either inside your clothing or next to you in bed for a few days; it will absorb all those comforting mummy/daddy scents, then introduce to baby to create a naturally safe comforting environment.

Cuski helps to soothe and reassure your baby whilst giving you some well deserved mummy/daddy time!

Use for all sleep times, through the night and any time your baby or toddler needs some extra comforting. Ideal for use with children attending childcare!


Cuskis are used in the neonatal and SCBU in the UK and safety tests have recommended Cuski from birth onwards. Cuskis are made in a breathable fabric, and shaped and designed to fall away from the face with movement.

For peace of mind, Cuski has been fully tested to European Safety Standards. It is machine washable and, wash after wash, will retain its wonderful softness.

Cuski complies will all relevant British and European safety standards. BSEN71, EN71 Parts 1,2 & 3. Registered Design Number 2086842, Registered Trade Mark Number 2196415.

The fabric is certified with the Okeo Tex standard showing the fabric has no harmful substances in it.

Notes for use:

Cuskiboo is a comforter, designed for snuggling and cuddling. It is not a teether! If you baby bites or chews their Cuskiboo, like any fabric it will develop holes over time. Also if your baby sucks on their Cuski, the saliva acid can lead to browning of the fabric over a period of time.


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Rating Amazing

By Kelly from Rotorua on 24 February 2019

I love this product, my son took to it straight away and stilll has it for bed times. It works wonders! I have two so if one is in wash he still has one to use!!! I highly recommend this product

Rating Brilliant

By Cece from Auckland on 25 January 2019

This is the best baby product I bought. After a week or two to get used to it, my little one loves his Cuski and self settles to sleep as soon as I give it to him. It’s also really helped him with teething during the night as he gives it a chew. Only downside is the corners do start to change colour after a couple of months of use.

Rating Microfiber cloth

By Hannah from Auckland on 8 August 2018

Basically just a microfiber cloth with a head. I get the idea behind it though, just didn't work for our little guy.

Rating Cuski's rock!

By Shannon from Christchurch on 8 August 2018

My 11 month old loves his cuski, it is the best thing I have ever bought him. He happily sleeps anywhere as long as he has it, it's amazing.... an instant calming effect. Agree with Deana's review, such a funny little thing, such amazing results!!! Cuski's rock!!

Rating Pure comfort

By Angela from Wellington on 3 June 2018

My little one absolutely loves Cuski! We have four on rotation in different colours. Very comforting and cuddly! Cuski washes well and even goes through the dryer.

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Sienna Cuski Comforter

Sienna Cuski Comforter



The perfect gift for babies & toddlers of all ages.

Cuski Baby Comforters are designed to stimulate the awareness of your familiar scents, helping to induce security and well being, which is fundamental to your child.

The Cuski Concept : -
Mummy/Daddy sleep with Cuski to transfer all their comforting scents on to Cuski’s unique material. When introduced to your baby/toddler, Cuski will create a cosy safe environment for your little one to drift off to sleep still feeling the closeness of you.

Cuski Baby Comforters are essential for those times when you cannot be with baby 24/7. Cuski Baby Comforters are a gift of love for baby and a gift of love for parents too.

Now you have a choice of purchasing Cuski Baby Comforters are made in Terry/Cotton, Antibacterial Bamboo Fabric or 100% Organic Cotton.

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