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The clock that helps teach kids to sleep in...so you can too! 

OK to Wake! is a simple to use, bedside alarm clock, nap timer and dual-colour night-light and comes with 2 interchangeable coloured face plates - 1 x flower & 1 x bug.  

Simply set the OK to Wake! for a time when you are happy for your toddler to get up in the morning, once the soft yellow night light turns green, that lets them know it's now OK to wake up.

Ages Suitable: 

Teach me when it's "OK to Wake!" - Ages 3-5 years

Teach me to use an Alarm Clock - Ages 5+


  • Programmable soft yellow night-light with auto turn off (30-60mins)
  • Alarm clock with 10 minute snooze option
  • Nap timer
  • USB cord with battery backup
  • 2 x Interchangeable face plates
  • Easy to use buttons for kids
  • Concealed control panel for parents
  • Adjustable volume & brightness

OK to Wake! features a dual-colour nightlight that turns green when it's "Ok to wake!" kids are excited to wait for the green light while parents get some extra shut-eye.

In the evening, OK To Wake! is a comforting nightlight (soft yellow glow) that can be turned on at the tap of a "toe" for a programmable duration (up to two hours).

USB cord with battery backup (4 x AA batteries - not included). Batteries optional. You may use any USB wall adapter you already own for phones, etc.

Older Children:

For older children that want to get up"on their own", OK To Wake! is a fully-functional alarm clock with snooze, just like Mum and Dad's!

  • A pleasant gradual-wake (ascending volume) tone gently rouses your child.
  • When sounding, the left toe button snoozes for ten minutes and the right toe button silences the bell.
  • Fun animations make OK To Wake! come to life with smiles and winks whenever the alarm is sounding.

Great for Nap-time too:

OK to Wake! includes a special built-in nap timer.

  • Press a button to nap for up to 24 hours (fully customizable) without the other clock settings
  • And, best of all, the nap timer can conclude with the OK To Wake! light, the gradual-wake tone or both!

 Play Monster is a toy and game company, championing the power of play by creating quality toys and games for children, adults and families. The perfect combination of playful and professional, they are true play experts and understand play for ALL AGES! Toys and games have the ability to make a difference in people's lives, if they have great play value that creates interaction and inspires continual play. 

The Ok to Wake sleep trainer clock is a key product that our customers have raved about. We know that there’s nothing more important than a sleep in for a tired parent!