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Sleepy Wings

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Sleepy Wings is an infant slumber wear jacket, designed to mimic the swaddling method of wrapping....without any excess layers, This makes Sleepy Wings ideal for all seasons!

Sleepy Wings provides parents an alternative aid to assist their baby’s sleep, feed and scratching habits in the first 6 months when a baby has little control of their own limbs.

Slept safely on their back, a baby’s natural sleep position is to have their arms bent at the elbows, with hands up beside their face. Without restricting this position, Sleepy Wings allows a baby to comfort themselves with access to their mouth to self settle.

Sleepy Wings is also designed to assist babies learn to find their own dummy during the night - innovative and quite unique!!!

The unique single opening is the arm hole for both left and right arms. This ribbed opening stretches to provide a snug and secure fit.

Prevents scratching (eczema):
The need for mittens that always fall off are a thing of the past! Sleepy Wings can also be worn to prevent a baby from scratching their face and aggravating existing skin conditions such as eczema, heat rash and allergies.

Sleepy Wings is a helpful garment that solves the problem of how to avoid overheating in the torso area which can flare up eczema (as its design doesn’t cross over the chest) and can also stop bubs from scratching and further irritating their skin condition!

Dummy retrieval:
The dummy pockets are positioned in easy reach of a baby’s mouth, giving baby two chances to replace their missing dummy! The unique construction of the cotton elastane dummy pockets are shaped to grip the handle of a dummy.

The dummy handle needs to be secure within the pocket, yet loose enough to be released with ease when a baby locates the dummy nipple with its mouth and begins to suck. Once baby is sucking on the dummy, it will release from the Sleepy Wings dummy pocket, so baby can suck without being attached to their Sleepy Wings.

During feeding:
Place baby into Sleepy WingsTM before bottle or breast feeding to stop wandering hands from pinching and scratching during feed time.

Flexible movement:
The quality blend of Australian manufactured 90% Cotton / 10% Elastane allows Sleepy Wings to expand and contract with the baby’s stretching arm movements, whilst retaining its shape after wear.
Sleepy Wings can also be worn upside down should your preference be to have baby’s arms down beside their body.

Great for all seasons:
The one layer is suitable for wear in all climates accompanied with appropriate sleepwear.
Hot & humid seasons - Dress baby in light weight nightwear with Sleepy Wings on during Summer.
Cooler seasons - Dress baby in appropriate warmer sleep wear and use additional lightweight wraps such as cotton, merino or muslin.

Using out & about:

Small enough to pack into a nappy bag for use when out and about.
Makes transferring baby much easier without disturbing their swaddled position.
Always ensure the pram straps are securely positioned over shoulders so that the Sleepy Wings garment does not interfere with the performance of the restraint.

How to wear:
1. Lie baby on their back, centred and on top of the Sleepy Wings.
2. Put each arm under the single oval arm opening, one at a time, into the adjacent wing with baby’s hand positioned under the pocket.
3. Stretch the Sleepy Wings fabric around the back of baby to allow adequate opening for 2nd arm. Donot place over head
4. Bring forward the ribbing on the oval opening to the front of the baby’s shoulders for secure snug fit.

Designed to fit a baby from birth to approximately 6 kgs in weight. The unique design of the oval shaped ribbed opening is the arm holes for both left and right arms. This ribbed opening provides a snug fit against the baby’s torso for the 6 months of potential use.
Sleepy Wings has been designed to fit the torso 1/2 chest circumference of babies from 20.5cm to 23.5cm.

For babies 6 to 10kg.

For babies over 10kg.

White Organic

Fabric & washing:
90% Cotton / 10% Elastane
Machine wash. Do not bleach, soak or wring. Line dry in shade. Do not tumble dry, Do not dry clean.
Sleepy Wings has been designed with allowance for an approximate shrinkage of 5% after wash.

Customer feedback:
"Sleepy Wings is so ideal for the different climates we experience throughout
the year. And the length of use makes it a very useful garment for value! A
great design and has make bed time so much easier"

"My little boy has terrible eczema on his torso and the itching is keeping us all
up at night. I was advised by Tresillian to keep wrapping my baby to help
settle at night however my doctor has advised me not to wrap as this
overheats thetorso area and inflames the eczema. Myanswer SLEEPY
WINGS! Whilst helping keep his startle reflex under control his torso remains
uncovered. I can fit the sleepy wings through the arms of his sleeping bag.
Aaaaah, sleep for us all!"

"Unusual initial appearance but keeps bub snug and warm...her hands were
really warm even on the coldest of mornings...she loves it"

"I found Sleepy Wings to be of great use for my babies sleep and feeding
times. It allowed him to replace his own dummy and stopped him scratching.It
also allowed him to feel more secure and therefore sleep more soundly in the
car and pram without the need to be wrapped."

"Makes feeding time so much easier my daughter with eczema."

"I have a baby with reflux who gets quite distressed with feeding, he scratches
his face & knocks the bottle away, this product was fabulous, his feeds are
now a lot calmer & less stressful for us both."

"Thankyou so much from our whole family. For the first time in 7 months my
daughter sleeps through the night. Gone are the times of waking 6 times a
night to put a dummy back in, re-swaddle and re-settle our baby. It is amazing
that something so easy to use could make such a difference to our lives.
Thank you for designing such a fantastic product that has given me my nights

Average Customer Rating

4.5/5 rating 4.5

(Based on 2 reviews)   Write a review


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Rating Do not recommend

By Carol from Napier on 3 May 2019

I did not find this product design useful, as I found the opening for the arms to go in very tight, even though I used the age appropriate sized product for my baby. It would have been better if the opening was stretchy. It also made it difficult to put a grumpy baby or an already sleeping baby into the sleepy wings. There was also a hemmed border all the way round which was approximately 2cm wide and it seemed to get in the way of my baby being able to suck on her hand in the wing, and was in her face when she was sleeping with her face to the side. Also, the product says not to tumble dry which I also find not helpful if you are a busy parent.

Rating Do not recommend

By C.L from Napier on 19 October 2017

I bought this product for my then 4 month old thinking I could use it with the woolbabe sleeping bag longer and not wait until she was unswaddled. I bought the size small according to weight and I found the band that goes around my little one’s armpit and back was not stretchy enough and quite tight so putting her arms into the sleepy wings, I had to take extra care bending her arm behind her head. When you have a squirmy or crying baby, getting her ready quickly is pretty important to me. My girl is pretty lean (lowest weight percentile) and would wear two cotton layers. There also seems to be a wide hem around the edge of the product where I don’t see it serves any purpose. I found it got in the way of her nose and eyes when my little one went to suck on her hands and rub her face. I guess if your baby used a dummy this would be an option for you (she doesn’t). For the price I paid for this product, I would reccomend buying a Love to Dream 50:50 when it is on special instead.

  • Displaying reviews 1-2 of 2
  • Pages: 1
Sleepy Wings

Sleepy Wings


Sleepy Wings

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