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SW200S010 Sleepy Wings Sleepy Wings is an infant slumber wear jacket, designed to mimic the swaddling method of wrapping....without any excess layers, This makes Sleepy Wings ideal for all seasons! Sleepy Wings provides parents an alternative aid to assist their baby’s sleep, feed and scratching habits in the first 6 months when a baby has little control of their own limbs. Slept safely on their back, a baby’s natural sleep position is to have their arms bent at the elbows, with hands up beside their face. Without restricting this position, Sleepy Wings allows a baby to comfort themselves with access to their mouth to self settle. Sleepy Wings is also designed to assist babies learn to find their own dummy during the night - innovative and quite unique!!! The unique single opening is the arm hole for both left and right arms. This ribbed opening stretches to provide a snug and secure fit. Prevents scratching (eczema): The need for mittens that always fall off are a thing of the past! Sleepy Wings can also be worn to prevent a baby from scratching their face and aggravating existing skin conditions such as eczema, heat rash and allergies. Sleepy Wings is a helpful garment that solves the problem of how to avoid overheating in the torso area which can flare up eczema (as its design doesn’t cross over the chest) and can also stop bubs from scratching and further irritating their skin condition! Dummy retrieval: The dummy pockets are positioned in easy reach of a baby’s mouth, giving baby two chances to replace their missing dummy! The unique construction of the cotton elastane dummy pockets are shaped to grip the handle of a dum
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Sleepy Wings

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