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 Hi there,

I just wanted to get in touch to thank you.

My 3 1/2 year old son, Daniel, has recently been diagnosed with High Functioning Autism; a disorder that very commonly causes sleep problems. I have the same disorder and have struggled my whole life with insomnia.

Despite that, my son sleeps 12 hours a night and self settles extremely well. I have no doubt that it's due to the awesome sleep training, associations and routines we built for him using knowledge and products from The Sleepstore. We've taught him how to sleep using logical methods that make sense to him, rather than relying on a natural rhythm or ability that he lacks.

He has slept through the night consistently since 6 months old, thanks mostly to verbal reassurance training, but also due to the awesome temperature regulation provided by the Woolbabe sleeping bag we had him in. As he's grown we've used a Cuski and Gro Clock to keep him settled in bed through the night. It turns out that visual associations like that are perfect for an autistic child.

It all seems so logical to do the things you recommend to teach children to sleep but, to tired parents, it's not always easy. Having it all spelled out so clearly on your website, along with the support you've provided on your Facebook page, has been a godsend. I can't thank you enough.


I have been ordering from you for a few years now and have also used your sleep info section on your website. I'd like to just thank you for your great customer service, I recommend your website every opportunity I get even to friends overseas.

Keep up the great work!

Vicky B

Would. Just like to thank you so much for your incredibly speedy delivery ..I ordered my goods yesterday morning and was so excited to have them turn up on my doorstep just an hour ago !!
Thank you to all the team I will be recommending you to all my friends !!
Tess Donovan
P.s loved the chocolate Santa too!!


Hi Guys! 

Just wanted to let you know that once again, you have provided customer service that exceeded my expectations. 

Thanks alot team - you are a real pleasure to deal with!!! 

Louise Dawson





Very, very impressed with the sleep store!! Received my order super fast! Thanks so much! Will definitely be purchasing from your store again and spreading the word!

- Sarah Curtain

Thanks guys - fabulous service

- John Smith

We really love the woolbabe sleeping bag and our 1 year old is now sleeping through again as she is not waking up cold (thank goodness!). Both my sisters have got the clock which shows a sun when it is time to get up and they both love it - I will be getting one too when my daughter is older. Thanks so much for the great service you provide. Jess

- Jess

Hello there, Have been meaning to reply to you for a wee while -- I'm sorry it's taken me so long. I love your service, it's been fantastic. You're super quick, super efficient and I'm always delighted with my purchases. Thank you so, so much, I love it -- and I love the little book that you put in with my little boy's two sleep-bags that I recently purchased! It was very kind of you. Your service is fantastic and you're doing a brilliant job! Best wishes, Rachel

- Rachel Smalley

thanks very much, I purchased the white noise CD which works a treat - it is on right now in fact!! Your website is great and i will certainly be using it again. Friends of ours recommended your site and I have heard since of quite a few others who use it and think it is great. many thanks Jane

- Jane

What a wonderful e mail to recieve - what a great display of custmer service. I think it's more than comendable that you really care what your customers think and follow up a purchase like this. Good for you Louise and the Sleepstore team!!! Not only do you provide a great range and send purchases out immediatley, you also care about your customers - yay!! smiles M

- Minxy

Dear Louise & Matt Thanks for your email. Really impressed with your site, your service and most especially your product. We are looking forward to our first grandchild in May and things have changed a lot re baby clothes etc since my time. Love the sleep bag and the wraps. Thanks and I will keep my eye on your site. Maria Cooper

- Maria Cooper

Hi there, I know you get lots of feedback, but I just wanted to say how lovely your store is to deal with... the quality of every item I have purchased from you has been fantastic (including the body suits I recently received – they are just gorgeous!), your customer service is some of the best I have come by and to top it off your website is the only place anyone should go for information on sleep. Thanks so much for giving our family such a great support. Many thanks and good wishes. Fiona Vette

- Fiona Vette

Thank you to the Sleep Store team for getting my book to me soooooo promptly! Cheers

- Carmel

Dear Lousie and Matt -thank you for your email, I would like to take the time to let you know about how I have been getting on -firstly, your website is so helpful with competitive pricing and my orders I have placed have always arrived the next day so I could ask for more than that.

- Anita Preston

You guys are great. My child sleeps all the time now.

- Jane Edmonds

Dear Sleepstore Thanks for the wonderful products that have all been fantastic. Being in Christchurch has meant that it can be tricky to find some products in store or even driving somewhere to buy it following the earthquake, so buying online and getting things delivered is so convenient. I have totally loved the Woolbabe winter sleeping bag, my 9month old son has slept the best he has ever slept in it and I have had piece of mind that it is keeping the wee toot warm at night. I lent it to a fellow mum in my mothers group and her son slept also through the night for the first time in it. The SafeTSleep product has been great too, my son would always roll into one corner of the cot and never be able to get out from it and therefore call out for help. Now with him securing sleeping on his back he is sleeping better. All the deliveries have been fast and within 1-2days of ordering- it's fantastic. Plus your website information has been a world of help when my son was not sleeping well during the day. I can't thank you enough! Cheers and keep up the great work,

- Mandee

Hi, We purchased the dream swaddle from you, delivery was super quick! Very impressive, thank you. The swaddle itself is an absolute dream. So easy to use and such lovely soft cotton. We are having regular 12 hour sleep stretches with our three and a half month old baby now. He loves it. He was getting out of his wrap but he stays securely put with the new dream swaddle, thanks to the velcro and the 'layered' wrap approach. I would highly recommend this product to every new Mum. Regards

- Jane

Hi Louise and Matt, Thank you so much for the follow up email and organising login details for me. You have a fantastic website and the service is impeccable, i was so impressed when i placed my order and then it arrived the same day! Keep up the good work.

- Julie Nelmes

Dear Sleepstore Thanks for the wonderful products that have all been fantastic. Being in Christchurch has meant that it can be tricky to find some products in store or even driving somewhere to buy it following the earthquake, so buying online and getting things delivered is so convenient. I have totally loved the Woolbabe winter sleeping bag, my 9month old son has slept the best he has ever slept in it and I have had piece of mind that it is keeping the wee toot warm at night. I lent it to a fellow mum in my mothers group and her son slept also through the night for the first time in it. The SafeTSleep product has been great too, my son would always roll into one corner of the cot and never be able to get out from it and therefore call out for help. Now with him securing sleeping on his back he is sleeping better. All the deliveries have been fast and within 1-2days of ordering- it's fantastic. Plus your website information has been a world of help when my son was not sleeping well during the day. I can't thank you enough! Cheers and keep up the great work,

- Mandee

Hi Louise and Matt Thank you for the great service, i was so excited when it arrived which was the quickest so far! anyway i ordered a NUK Pasifier and tag blankie i went to nearly every store in auckland to find a new NUK for my 9 month old son, they use to sell them in baby city but now they dont no one does arrrr and its the only one my son will have ! he is very happy with his new one im about to order another one prob get the 2 set one this time. loved the fredo chocy nice touch also i came across your site when i was looking at some ideas on how to get my son to self sooth im not good at leaving him hes been an awesome sleeper since 2 months 7pm to 7am but recently hes been really hard to get to sleep at night with out me being there but were getting there love your website love your produvts very very happy thanks so much!!!! Love Shayna, Brett and Brooklyn

- Shayna

Hi Louise and Matt, I love your site, Not only the goods that you sell, but also the fact that you provide so much information freely, it has come in so handy for establishing a night time routine for our 7 week old Daughter. We recently purchased two Dream swaddles from you, these were bought at night, dispatched the next morning and arrived the day after. So impressed by the speedy arrival!. The dream swaddles work a treat, we were previously wrapping but my Daughter was starting to be able to wriggle an arm out overnight- there is no way she can do that with the swaddles. we now usually get at least a 6 hour unbroken sleep, with the record being nearly 10 hours! Thanks so much, We will definitely be using the sleep store again!

- Amy

I have to say Thank You so much for your fantastic service. My grandson lost his cuddly on the Thursday before the long weekend. My daughter was able to come and collect 2 more from you (left in the letter box for her)on the Friday. It would have been a very loooong weekend without them. Thank you

- Lynne

Hi sleep store, thanks so much for our Gro Clock. My son got it from his Nan for his 2nd birthday and after only 3 days he now reminds me that we have to read sleepy farm before he goes to bed and talks about his special clock all the time. Even better, he stays in bed until the sun comes up - no more toddler in my bed!

- Stacey Gray

Outstanding service! The items arrived in the post yesterday morning - and we're on the rural delivery. I wish all e-businesses were as efficient. Thanks again.

- Kelly

I am delighted with the Drymat we recently bought from your store. It is a product of observably high quality. Our little one has had a much more comfortable time in her bed since we received it from you; when she does have little accidents, she is not woken by the sensation of lying in a cold puddle. This is helpful; as well as the fact that when I launder the protector; it cleans very well and dries quickly. Your website is very informative and you have a fantastic selection of products from which to choose. I will gladly be a continuing customer. We also very much liked the little personal touch added to our parcel from you :) A little chocolate goes a long way, guys. Thank you for the loyalty points; I am sure to be using them in the near future. Kind regards Jenny

- Jenny

Thanks for the incredible fast delivery of the mokapuna hat. You guys rock.

- Trish

Just wanted to say a big thank you to the wonderful service at Sleep store again - I ordered my sleeping bags yesterday, received them this morning! They are now all washed and ready for use!!!! THANK YOU - always a pleasure dealing with your company

- Sonya

thank you so much for the speedy service order arrived this morning less than 24hrs after i ordered! Great service once again!

- Heather

Wow - how many stores can you order something at 2pm one day and have it in the South Island by 9.30am the following day! Thank you so much from a Mum who just wants some sleep. Pleased to report that my little man is currently doing a mammoth sleep (for him anyway) in his ergopouch. Thanks for the Chocolate, you really know how to make someones day :)

- Stacey

Hi, Thanks once again for such prompt service (well under 24 hours from order to delivery!). I have been wrangling an unwell 3 year old today and it was so great to get home from after hours doctor with her tonight and there was the courier parcel!! She is already snuggled up on the couch listening to the cd's and reading the stories with her dad. After she enjoyed the Freddo Frog... Many thanks.

- Karen

Thanks for your email. The pajamas and snuggle suit that I bought are awesome. In hindsight the zip-front pajamas for my boy (almost 3) probably aren't the easiest because he is toilet training and struggles to take himself off to the toilet without my help, but hey- they're pretty cute! Love the zip front for my little girl because she won't lie still for me to do up domes. We don't use the snuggle suit for sleeping- just for in the mornings when we're playing on the cold wooden floor. It's perfect for just pulling on over pajamas without worrying about slippers and jumpers. I'm tempted to get another one.... Thanks again- your service is brilliant.

- Mel Pinfold

Brilliant service! Very quick delivery and the pjs I bought were really good quality and my daughter loved the chocolate Fredo :)

- Alison

Thanks so much. I've always been a fan of your website, products and especially your service.

- Kym Siddons

Wow thanks The Sleep Store for fantastic service. You are wonderful. I never imagined my order would arrive the same day. Thanks again.

- Hayley

I received the ergo carrier and it is fabulous. My little boy is not a great day sleeper and in the times I have used the ergo he has fallen straight off to sleep. It is so comfortable to wear I was able to carry him around for about 2 hours and also run around with my three year old at the park. Well worth the investment. Your service is fantastic and very prompt, ordered in the afternoon and was on my doorstep by 7am the next morning can’t get better than that.

- Tania

Service was, as usual, Excellent. Great communication, fast at posting things off and replying to queries. Hassle free, a pleasure to buy from. This is what keeps me coming back for more. Mokopuna cosy hat... beautifully made, warm, at the moment it's a bit big for my daughter (5 months), but she will grow into it and it is just stunning on. Very happy with it. Mokopuna leggings. 5 Month daughter in size 0. On the larger size (but 00 was too small). Again, these leggings are very well made. The merino is soft and luxurious. We have tried a few brands and so far I prefer these. They have no trouble fitting a reuseable nappy (MCN) overtop which is very important. They look great under a frock, tunic or for layering under jeans. Highly recommend them. I should also add, the box they come in, make a perfect toy for an infant! You win both ways. Thanks guys.

- Bex

The level of service you provide never ceases to amaze me. Once again, it was an absolute pleasure purchasing my daughters cot duvet inner via your website. The process is incredibly easy and it is so nice to have the goods delivered the next day. Thank you so much.

- Rachel

Thanks again for such quick service. Very happy with the price. Bubba is still on the way so haven't used the blanket yet but borrowed one for my last baby and found it a Godsend for helping him stay asleep so decided to buy another one. Loving the loyalty points too!

- Hayley

Once again, I want to say thanks for the prompt delivery of my order - great service!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Dianne

Once again, I want to say thanks for the prompt delivery of my order - great service!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Tania

I was super impressed with the service provided - my item was ordered at night then delivered the next day, couldn't ask for better.

- Anita

Thank you so much for the exceptional service! I only ordered this yesterday afternoon and it was on my door step first thing this morning! My son has just had his first sleep in it and slept for three hours! I have just ordered another two! Hopefully this will also work for his night sleeping, fingers crossed!

- Bryonie

Thank you so much for the fantastic service and the efficiency. I ordered brolly sheets just yesterday and they were delivered this morning which means they are on my daughter's bed tonight!

- Nicola

I love your Gro-clock! thanks. We have found the clock to be awesome. My four year old son loves it. In our case it worked from day one. He stays in bed (even if I can hear he is awake) until the sunrises. The book is lovely and my son loves the story. He immediately understood the story of his 'special clock’.

- Rebecca

Hi there Louise & Matt, Just a bit of feedback for you! I ordered the nose snot sucker Frida & just wanted to tell you how brilliant it is! really helped my little one get through his first cold (and me!). I wouldn't have bought it usually but I had read about the device in a baby mag while I was pregnant, and stored the info away in the back of my mind - never thinking I would need it!!! But when I received your email advertising the cold season specials, I decided to order it since baby had the beginnings of a runny nose... and because it was on special!!! So, keep up the great work letting us mums know about helpful tools via email!! It came just at the right time! I have told all my pregnant & new mum friends about the device & encouraged them to also get one!! It saved me!! Also just wanted to let you know how helpful your website is - I know I can trust all the products you sell, and I could go on and on about how helpful all the advice and articles are! I have also recommended all my friends check them all out to give them little helpful things to try. Thanks again and keep up the great work! Best regards

- Hannah

Hi, As ever, your service is impeccable. The goods I ordered in the evening were delivered the next day. Pretty impressive service. As for the GroClock I purchased, thank you just doesn't seem enough. Our son is 3.5 and since he was in his own bed around the age of 2, he has been coming into our bed around 12-3am and was unsettled and asking for drinks and stories etc. So after trying many techniques, I read the reviews on your website and Facebook page and we decided to give the GroClock a try. We explained to our son that he wasn't allowed into our bed until the sun comes up on the clock. After a difficult first night, he has been sleeping in his own bed since and waits until the sun comes up before he comes into our room. Thank you from two better rested parents. I just need to sort out my husbands snoring now, any suggestions for that? He, he :-) Keep up the good work, you have a fantastic business that goes the extra mile with the information you provide and the products you supply. Kind regards,

- Emma

I have brought off your website several times and each time I get the same fantastic result... I get sent what I actually ordered (which I cant say happens on all internet sites) and it is delivered the next working day. For a first time Mum with a brand new baby this is a godsend so thanks guys, you are offering a great service and I would always recommend you.

- Rachel

We recently purchsed the Phil & Ted's traveller cot and wanted to let you know we love it. Easy to assemble and so light that it's a dream to take to with us for our little one to sleep in - whether at a friends house for dinner or flying overseas. But most of all I was impressed with your service. The cot arrived the very next morning by courier - amazing! Thanks for being so responsive. Will definitely recommend your business to others.

- Diana Kane

You guys are fantastic and the service out of this world now days, thank you so very much. It truly is a pleasure to deal with you and your company and no that if, unfortunately something does go wrong you have a wonderful solution to it. Pity more businesses don't follow your lead. Thanks again

- Kate

You are just awesome!!!! I ordered my cuskis yesterday and they arrived this morning! thank you so much!

- Gena

Just a quick THANK YOU. I ordered a NUK Dummy off your website on a Friday evening and it had arrived by Monday with a nice little chocolate treat for me :) I found the website, fast and easy to navigate and will definately be my first port of call for future products/enquiries.

- Tarina

U provide great service. our ErgoCocoon arrvd the next day. That's speed! :) Thnx!

- Michelle

Thank YOU for Brolly Sheets, they are wonderful. Our daughters both use brolly sheets with our grandchildren and I have purchased for an older child who still has a bed wetting problem. I have just ordered more today. I LOVE having good customer service and I have got to say that I was blown away when my previous order arrived the next day after ordering...and we are a rural delivery. Thanks for your prompt commitment to service and for stocking Brolly sheets.

- Janice

Just wanted to thank you so much for the awesome service you provide!! Ordered some items late Wednesday night and they arrived in Gisborne this morning. Was really chuffed to find not only the awesome products that I ordered but the Uncle Toby samples AND the cute Thomas the Tank Engine book, which my 2.5yr old will love. As always, an absolute joy doing business with you, my hat goes off to you for your impeccable service xx

- Kelly

I am very impressed. Placed my order yesterday (Sunday), received confirmation email this morning, and it has already been delivered. Such great quality. I am sure my grandchild (due 18th October) will love the items too.

- Trudie

I've just got my ordered stuff. Geez it was sooo fast! I just ordered last night and now I've already got it. You guys are great! Thank you so much for great job (as always!)

- Ayumi

Hi, We absolutely love the Gro sleep trainer clock we purchased. It has worked out really well teaching our 2 ½ yr old to stay in quietly in bed (he shares a room with his younger sister) until 7am. We’d only had a few visits in the night but it wasn’t just that he was wide awake and felt like getting up; I think he really thought it was morning. And he was rising earlier and earlier in the morning too. I really liked how the clock removed the onus to a gadget rather than him just having to take our word for it. It only took a couple of mornings for him to adjust to having to stay in bed until the sun and now I think he feels really empowered that he knows when it’s morning and it’s ok for him to get up. Every morning we have a proud report that “the sun is in my room!”. Thanks Sleep Store!

- Susan

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the quick delivery of the wrap me up i ordered on wednesday night which arrived this morning, did not expect them to arrive so soon! Thank you again! :)

- Kirsty

I'm really impressed by your high level of service and support. I phoned a couple of times to ask questions about an order and also about the VR technique and was impressed by the willingness and information I received. The 1st order I made last week arrived the same day. And also, having just made my 2nd order on your site it's awesome to be surprised that you immediately earn loyalty points you can redeem straight away! Great to see that you have regular sales as well. I have already recommended your site to friends and soon-to-be parents and will continue to do so, as well as visit there for info myself and to buy products and presents for friends and their babies. Thank you so much - I think it's great you have all this info for parents easily at hand - being a parent is the most wonderful thing in the world, and also tough at times and resources and information like yours are just so supportive in those more challenging moments, keep up the fantastic work!

- K

Thanks so much for sending my parcels so quickly! The pillow etc. arrived this morning and later the two Cuski's I ordered only yesterday! So very quick! I bought a Cuski for my grandson as well as the baby-to-be … just in case he is extremely jealous! The quality of your goods and the service you provide is wonderful!

- Viv Lockyer

I can't believe how quickly my order came - less than 24 hours from ordering to delivery. Thank you. I have been using the grotime black out curtain and the Ergo sleeping bags for a while now and both have really helped with Ella's sleep habits. Thank you again for all the great advice, great products and speedy delivery.

- Edwina Buckrell

Another fantastic fast delivery here too.. arrived in chch 7am this morning!! Another happy customer :)

- Jay

Ordered late at night and by the time i arrived home the next day at like 4ish it was there! Amazing!

- Tracey

Ordered yesterday afternoon and arrived this morning - exceptional service. and thanks for the freebies! 8 hours ago · Like

- Anna

Hi Sleepstore Team, I just wanted to say you're awesome! I ordered an Ergococoon yesterday and it arrived this morning (sat), with a Freddo treat!! Excellent service, thanks so much.

- Anna

Thanks for some excellent service, less than 24 hours from order placed to being delivered in Wellington, very impressive.

- Martyn Napier

Wow, thank you for the amazingly quick turnaround time!! I received my order 1st thing this morning which is very impressive since I only ordered them at 2.30 pm yesterday!!

- Adele Kenny

Thank you. Imagine my surprise when it arrived on the Rural Delivery at midday on Friday! I am delighted with the items and will be sure to recommend your service to others.

- Caroline

I was SO impressed with the service – I got free postage, the wall stickers I had purchased arrived within two days, and I was very excited about the inclusion of a freddo frog in the parcel AND the wee pamphlet on wrapping baby/sleeping hints! Haha. I’ve been telling all my friends about what a great website you guys have and how good the service was. So thank you VERY MUCH – I will definitely be coming back to your website in future!

- Sally

Just purchased yesterday and they have already arrived!!! Looking forward to using them tonight. Thank you for your fast service. I always receive my orders straight away and am always so happy with my products. THANKS :)

- Francesca

Wow thank you again guys for the mega quick delivery of my new little man's Woombie it just arrived and I can't wait to try it out tonight. My little munchkin has grown too big for his 'Wrap me up' so I needed to get another wrap pretty quickly and what a perfect time to order. Not only did it get here in super quick time but I also got 20% off, free delivery and some little surprises inside the parcel for me. I'm loving the free samples of yummy porridge (got some with my order a couple of weeks ago too) and looking forward to my little choccy with a nice cuppa this afternoon, thanks Sleep Store

- Lucy

My gosh you guys are speedy! Made my order very late last night, and it's already here! Plus I was graving something sweet to eat, so thanks for the Freddo! You guys set an amazing standard - makes me very impatient when ordering from other online websites! Just so fantastic - thank you :-)

- Kylee

The service from The Sleepstore was outstanding. I ordered a product which when I got it was larger than what I thought when I ordered and they exchanged with no questions. Great service - love the range of products.

- Jane Burton

Very easy website to follow allowing easy shopping. Pictures of products were clear and gave a good indication of what we were ordering. Delivery was quick. The pamphlet on how to swaddle a baby was very helpful - that is how I swaddle my lil one now. And the lil choc bar that comes with each delivery is a bonus :)

- Vidhya

Hi Louise and Matt I have now purchased from the sleep store about three times and have found the service and products excellent. The website is easy to use and deliveries arrive super quick. I choose to purchase locally whenever possible and am very happy that you are so close in Titirangi and I can support an awesome local business. The sleep articles and information that you also have on the website have been lifesavers and I refer other Mums to it all the time!!! It really helps to understand what is going on with baby, why they are waking and practical options to get them sleeping - it only took 2 nights to get baby to start sleeping through again after I read your info. Thank you so much and keep up the great work!

- Shelley Wharton

You guys were great - such quick service - I ordered it one day and it arrived on my doorstep the next. Haven't tried the PJs out because they are a Xmas gift, but they look gorgeous. Many thanks, Anna

- Anna

Hi there, Just wanted to say thank you for such a prompt delivery! I ordered some Cuski comforters on Thursday and we received our package on Monday, probably the fastest, most accurate /reliable service I've had from an online order, not to mention the product itself which my kids love! Oh, and to top it off we got a free book too.

- Iris

I love looking at your website. So many great products. And at great prices! The purchase went smoothly, and delivery was very quick. Thanks so much.

- Anna

Love the goodies I got and even better some were on sale :) Love that the ladies rang to check about the colour, great friendly servies..... will def be back again to purchase and will be telling my friends :) Thanks heaps :)

- Amelia

Hi. I have bought a number of items from the sleep store and would just like to say how impressed I have been each time with the speed of delivery. I will certainly continue shopping with you. Many thanks,

- Katy

Always a pleasure using the sleepstore for purchases - so efficient and products arrive so quickly. Great range and quality also.

- Gabrielle

Hi I purchased the Groclock - I'd always looked at it , and when the 20% off came round I was very keen. I also got a spare pink rabbit for my daughter to sleep with ( their ears end up very black with the sucking) I have purchased a number of other things from you. The service and shipping has been exemplary. The new website is great also... I have recommended you to friends. Thank you very much

- Nicola

The sleepstore is my favourite online store. Your sales are fantastic, your website is so easy to get around and you always deliver fast. Its great earning loyalty points and when I found an item cheaper at a different online store you gave me a discount. I love that you are local and a family owned business. Thank you very much for making shopping so easy.

- Hannah

Just bought another gro bag egg (my first egg was purchased in the UK 3 years ago) and as ever, the service, prices and product range from the Sleep store make shopping there a breeze. Thanks sleep store!

- Lynne

I had an excellent experiance and amazing service. I really enjoyed your website very very much. I have been telling everyone that will listen how awesome the whole experience was !! My baby now will not sleep without his sleeping bag and am looking forward to more shopping :)

- Kate

Thanks for the great shopping experience. I purchased two brolly sheets for my toilet training toddler. The website was super easy to use and find your way around. I love that there was a special on something like the brolly sheets as you always need two of something that is essentially needed - one on and one off ready to go. I like the idea of the loyalty points and was able to redeem some of these on my purchase. My purchase also arrived the next day - super quick! Faster than a few other purchases I was waiting on in fact! The quality of the goods is also superior. Thank you!

- Karen Baker

As always, purchasing from the Sleep Store was a brilliant experience. The website is great and easy to navigate and my order arrived the very next day - wonderful!

- Poppy Murrells

Thanks so much for TWO great experiences so far! Each time after placing an order, I receive it the next day - you seriously can't ask for better service than that :D

- Maria

Absolutely awesome purchase! Your service was great! Easy to order, I redeemed my points easily, and the notification emails were great. The brolly sheets arrived the same day I ordered them and are perfect. Only used the once but I don't regret the purchase. Great peace of mind plus can be used for our daughter or sickness. Overall fantastic experience that you should be proud of!

- Sarah

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the sleep advice you have on your website. I've referred to it a number of times but the most recent success almost knocked me over! My son (now 22 months) moved into a bed in November. With so many things going on we fell into the habit of staying with him till he went to sleep. Almost 3 months on we wanted to break the habit and to be honest I was super nervous as our boy is rather determined and had both dad and mum laying with him for a while there! BUT I'm now proud to say we are a week on with a son who goes to sleep by himself and without single tear... I simplified his bed routine and over a period of a week I got closer and closer to the door until I was eventually outside the door. Now bed time only takes 10 minutes: stories, cuddles and a kiss good night! My angel sleeper is back and it's all thanks to your advice!! Yahoo!! Thanks so much for giving us the support and confidence to make the change.

- lIZ

Thank you for the quick service. I have purchased a few items now from your website and have to say Im impressed with the speed of the delivery. My purchases are always correct and are packaged well. Great service guys.

- Alison Daly

The service I received from the sleep store was amazing! I have been raving about it since I received the blankets (which are gorgeous). I placed the order on Friday morning and the courier delivered the package at lunch! I was blown away! Thank you sleep store I will definetly be purchasing again!

- Fiona

Wow, ordered 4 x Brolly Sheets yesterday morning, and they were here when I got home from work this afternoon. Thank you for your quick processing and delivery (and the awesome special that allowed us to buy 4 sheets for our twin girls) And thanks also for having the reward system, so I received an extra $10 off my order. You do an amazing job!

- Kerry

Hi Buying another Wrap me up swaddle bag was easy, efficient and effective from the sleepstore.

- Debbie

Just wanted to let you know about the fantastic service from the sleep store. I had just recently had a new baby who was very unsettled at night. I had been trying the swaddle I had used with my daughter and he was fighting constantly to get his hands free. A friend told me about the wrap me up swaddle and the buy 2 discount you had on in January. I went on trademe to compare prices for second hand ones which were going for $30. I went to sleep store and ordered 2 which came to approx 72$. The swaddle arrived in one day with a fabulous chocolate which was thoroughly appreciated after a sleepless night and my son loved it. It helped him sleep which made a very happy Mumma. I realized that I needed a second one in the small size (I had purchased one small and one medium first time) so I ordered another one about a week later. The 2 special was still on and I even got to use some loyalty points which brought the order down to approx 67$. This order arrived promptly again with a chocolate and a complementary bottle of body wash. Thankyou so much. The service is exemplary and I have recommended to all my friends. The swaddle is fantastic as it allows my son to soothe himself by sucking his hands and it is light for Summer.

- Tina

We love the products! And we're so impressed with the delivery - they get to us in no time. We only wish you sold EVERYTHING that we ever need to buy ;-) - your no hassle service is such a joy!

- Rachel, Craig and Monty

Hi Id like to say that buying from the sleep store was a great experience and i would definitely recommend it It was easy and quick. I couldn't believe how fast my purchase arrived. Thank you

- Tania

Amazing products, super amazing service! We are rural delivery and things arrive the day after ordering. Brilliant, you make it so easy to to return to your website. Thank you

- Claire

When you have a restless baby and you are searching for a solution, to have my wraps arrive within 2 days was a godsend. On top of that they were substantially cheaper than in the stores. But even better was your information on sleeping and your experience with Dr Harvey Karp. We started his technique that day, and have had no unsettled evenings in over 2 weeks. You should be proud that you have a such great store, but I am very grateful for your great advice which is just as valuable as your quality products and services. Kerry Petty

- Kerry Petty

Just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for your sleep advice. My husband and I have made great progress with our baby and most nights now he is sleeping 9-10 hours, waking and then we are able to resettle him within 10 minutes without feeding him . Thanks again

- Adele Gower

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your products, prices and service. No other website I have ordered off is as efficient as you! And that is saying a lot! I attended the sleep workshop in Wellington in June and met you (was it Louise - sorry I can't remember!) at the Kids expo thingy the following day where you gave us a free cuski, do you remember? anyway the sleep workshop was the best $20 I have ever spent, my husband and I followed your advice, my daughter has 10dummies in her cot which she swops from mouth to hand to mouth to hand etc and she sleeps throughout the night ! (apart from when she is not well which is at the moment). Plunket told us to wean her off the dummy but I didn't really want the drama of that she is only 9 months old not 4 years old! anyway we have become smug "our baby sleeps through" parents now so thank you! Scarlett is still breastfed as she won't take a bottle or formula out of a cup grrr but she no longer associates breast with sleep as dad reads her a story after her last feed of the day. Thanks again, Jen, Gary and Scarlett Grace

- Jen Heath

OMG! Finally got it all sorted and then we wanted to wear undies to bed! Freaked out! But now my mind has been calmed! Got my son two of the waterproof mattress protector now that we're no longer in nappies!!!! There so awesome, perfect product and has set my mind at ease so I no longer need to worry about his mattress whilst he sleeps. Oh and a fredo frog always helps too( are these meant for the kids? (Oops!)

- Olivia Wech

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for your amazing service once again!!! Ordered two woolbabes on tuesday and they arrived today - what a gorgeous product! I have used gogo bags in the past but am totally converted to a woolbabe now - they are so silky soft and gorgeous!!!

- Pam Thompson

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for your amazing service once again!!! Ordered two woolbabes on tuesday and they arrived today - what a gorgeous product! I have used gogo bags in the past but am totally converted to a woolbabe now - they are so silky soft and gorgeous!!!

- Pam Thompson

Once again The Sleep Store exceeds my expectations of service and after sales support. The Sleep Store is and will continue to be my first port of call. Many thanks again, Sonia

- Sonia

Dear Sleepstore, Thank you for going the extra mile in making your customers very happy. I am extremely impressed with your efficient service and delivery! I ordered my Bonds garments and Bobux socks just this morning and a courier arrived late evening with my purchases. You make Christmas shopping so easy and not stressful. Thank you for the dolly mix. Yum! Looking forward to shopping more at The Sleepstore in the future. Much appreciated.

- Robyn Chin

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing and unparalleled customer service I received when two mattress protectors I bought didn't last the claimed warranty period. The faulty protectors were replaced immediately with no fuss and great friendliness. I was stunned at how quickly they were sent out and the matter sorted. I think lots of stores, both online and bricks and mortar ones, could learn a great deal about customer service from The Sleep Store. Thanks so much

- Kathy

Just wanted to say your service is amazing seriously second to none ordered swaddle yesterday afternoon it's already here !!! Amazing well done guys !

- Stephanie Richardson

Just wanted to comment on how impressed I have been with your company. I have ordered a few things off your website since my daughter was born and you never fail to impress me with the fast delivery and excellent quality of your products. The freddo is always greatly appreciated too :p just thought I'd let you know. People are often quick to complain but rarely take the time to compliment businesses. Well done.

- Clare Van Zyl

Just wanted to comment on how impressed I have been with your company. I have ordered a few things off your website since my daughter was born and you never fail to impress me with the fast delivery and excellent quality of your products. The freddo is always greatly appreciated too :p just thought I'd let you know. People are often quick to complain but rarely take the time to compliment businesses. Well done.

- Sophie

Hi Sleepstore Team What excellent service. Ordered before 2 p.m. yesterday and the 2 Brolly Sheets were delivered before 10 am. this morning. Now whizzing around in the washing machine and being a wonderfully sunny Wellington day they will be on the line and dry in no time. Many thanks

- Helen, Wellington

AMAZING SERVICE!!!! Thank you so so much!!! Xxxx. Next day delivery, that's just freaking awesome!! I am very much looking forward to miss 3 hopefully staying in bed a bit longer in the morning, wish us luck!!! Xxx. Great work sleepstore team!!!

- Lou

I just wanted to thank you for your amazing service. I purchased the lillebaby all seasons carrier from you yesterday around 3pm Wednesday. I chose you as your price was the most competitive. This was a purchase for my friend whose baby shower is this weekend. I was so pleasantly surprised to come home to find the carrier delivered all the way from Auckland 24 hours after I puchased! (I'm in chch). I'm so glad to have the gift in time for the weekend and will recommend your store to everyone. Thanks again! Kate

- Kate

There are HEAPS of places you can buy wraps like this, some far cheaper and some much more expensive. But since following your newborn sleep support page on Facebook I wouldn't even consider shopping anywhere else! You guys have literally gotten me through the last 14 weeks with my little button, we have had so much help, just from reading other people's troubles and the advice your consultants come back with!

- Kaille

Thank you so much for all you do to provide the best products, care and advice. We had our third baby 4 months ago with a big gap of 5 years and I feel like I forgot a lot things and I have so appreciated the articles to read and tips and advice. Thanks again for going above and beyond in customer service!

- Kaya

I live rurally and I often get packages from you guys the day after I make the order - like this one. How the hell do you do it? You've ruined me for all other online stores now. I get frustrated waiting for more than2 days, and I feel like emailing the other stores and saying "If the Sleep Store can do it, why can't you?"

- Donna

Hi there I just wanted to email and say how impressed I was with your online order service, I made an order for some cot sheets yesterday afternoon. I live rurally and didn't expect the order to be here until mid-late next week which is standard for us, however it showed up today just over 24hours after I placed the order! The sheets are gorgeous and there was a little pack of sweets in the parcel to give this mama to be a wee sugar hit! Thank you so much for the outstanding service!

- Hannah Dunningham

I’ve had so many orders in the past and your customer service is spotless keep it up guys!

- Louise Man

There are many things to like: pricing, sales, variety of product, speedy shipping, reward points, treats in the mail, customer service, charity work, and all done while paying a living wage?!

- Allanah Andrews

Your speedy service and support for parents awesome. I recently bought some shoes in the afternoon. By lunchtime the following day they were in my hands! Thanks for being awesome!

- Anna Bullock

Advice and support - both on the website, via email and through all the Facebook groups, amazing order turnaround, awesome returns policy, huge product range and great loyalty scheme. The Sleep Store has been the best online shop I've ever used for anything!!!

- Gemma Brodie

Amazing service, products and specials. Fast delivery and always a little something extra inside when I open it up

- Bex N Micah Savill

2 orders in last few weeks and delivery time has been very fast. An item I ordered seemed to be out of stock in that colour and was sorted promptly with a friendly phone call. No mucking around with emails waiting for replies. Thanks guys for the awesome service!

- Courtney Lowes

Love that whenever we’ve ordered from you items have arrived generally within 24 hours! ❤️ love how friendly the team are and the great selection of items you carry in your store too!

- Anna Celligoi

Love your customer service and awesome range of products but most of all love the way you support NZ parents and give back to communities.

- Charlotte Hamilton

Fantastic customer service time and time again and super speedy delivery! I ordered a product and had a couple of problems, I emailed customer service and they not only gave me some great advice but replaced the product and had it to me the next working day! Thank you Sleep Store staff, you always go over and above!

- Kellie Scott

The Sleep Store are honestly my favourite baby store. I have bought everything I need from here, from brolly sheets, swaddles, pyjamas and sleeping bags to Boba wraps, lunchboxes, humidifiers and socks...the list literally goes on and on. Thanks TSS, you always are awesome!

- Angela Mills

When my daughter was very unwell last winter with a respiratory infection you ensured that the vaporiser I bought was shipped overnight and got to us ASAP, you were really kind and helpful, it was a lifesaver and I was truly grateful

- Chantelle French

Your service never fails to impress me. Wish I knew more about sleepstore 6 years ago when I had my twins. Wrote an email recently with some newborn sleep questions and was very surprised to be rung back on the phone on the same day.

- Pei Xian Yeong

We LOVE our sleepstore drift, which came with freebies and a simple to follow instructional video, amazing Bobux selection and sales and super fast delivery. Also a massive fan of the loyalty scheme.

- Jess Ritchie

The amount of things we have got from the sleep store have been game changers. Such fast turn around when ordering, the quality in products are amazing and your 365 day return is unheard of, it’s awesome!

- Corryn Sigley

I LOVE Woolbabe, won't use any other sleeping bag now and because your service and super fast delivery is outstanding!

- Emily Brown

Love the sleep store. You stock so many products which are always are of high quality which I love. The service is always excellent too.

- Jayant Patel

As a first time mum The Sleep Store has been an absolute lifesaver, best bits - woolbabe, speedy delivery and Sleep Advice

- Sally Grant

Absolutely amazing service and always so friendly and helpful.. our delivery’s always turn up the next day even though we live rural.

- Lauren de la Harpe

The Sleep Store is where we have brought a lot of things for our wee girl. Easy to find what you are looking for, great advice and price and love the reward points.

- Lonnae Skachill

Always great service, great range of products & great sales!

- Susie Huerta

Love the speedy delivery and knowing that any product purchased is going to be high quality and safe.

- Caroline McKinnon

Always the best customer service and deliveries arrive so fast. Love all the extra articles and support you have available

- Violet Sygrove-Teina