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    The Sleep Store

    Deluxe Merino Fleece Mini Onesie


    At The Sleep Store we are passionate about offering amazing products that help babies and children sleep better. This is why we have developed a new Merino fleece that...

  • Deluxe Stripe Merino Zipsuit
    The Sleep Store

    Deluxe Stripe Merino Zipsuit


    This snuggly Zipsuit is designed for sleep! It's warm enough for kids who kick off their covers, so they won't wake up cold. And it's also perfect for using with one...

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    Merino Double Layer Sleeping Bag
    The Sleep Store

    Merino Double Layer Sleeping Bag


    At The Sleep Store, we love to find and create amazing products that help children sleep better. We strongly believe that layers of merino are an essential tool in helping...