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  • ALLEGRO Electric Breast Pump

    ALLEGRO Electric Breast Pump


    The Allegro model is versatile and portable, designed for part time expressing. With an inbuilt rechargeable battery, seven level digital settings, a hygienic back flow...

  • FORTE Electric Breast Pump

    FORTE Electric Breast Pump


    The Forte model is a durable, hospital-grade double breast pump with an extensive suction range that is designed for frequent, long-term expressing. The rhythmic suction...

  • MEZZO Manual Breast Pump

    MEZZO Manual Breast Pump


    A well designed hand pump for occasional expressing, with a non slip handle for improved grip. Unimom MEZZO Manual Breast Pump is designed to ensure a direct...

  • Minuet LCD Automatic Breast Pump

    Minuet LCD Automatic Breast Pump


    This innovative, more compact design provides powerful, double expressing performance. It features 7 levels of massage modes and 9 levels of expressing modes to make...

  • Single Silver Ice Pack

    Single Silver Ice Pack


    One single Cooler Gel Ice Pad which incorporates antibacterial nano technology. Freeze for 8 hours and use as desired. Designed to keep your breast milk chilled...

  • Unimom Breastmilk Storage Bags - Standard

    Unimom Breastmilk Storage Bags - Standard

    $12.95 - $22.95

    These self standing, leak proof, freezer safe storage bags are designed to take up less space and make storing or transporting breast milk easy and efficient.  These...

  • Unimom Cooler Bag

    Unimom Cooler Bag


    Breast milk on the go!  This handy cooler carry bag comes complete with two fantastic cooler pads which incorporate antibacterial nano technology. Can fit up...

  • Unimom Feeder Cup

    Unimom Feeder Cup


    The Unimom feeder cup is specially designed so you can feed your newborn expressed breast milk without causing nipple confusion from using a teat and bottle. Also ideal...

  • Unimom Silicone Massager

    Unimom Silicone Massager


    Increase the comfort of your Unimom Breast Shield. Specially designed bubbles for massaging the breast during pumping to provide extra milk duct stimulation and...

  • Allegro 8.4V Car Charger

    Allegro 8.4V Car Charger


    Recharge and express from the convenience of your car! Works with Allegro Breast Pump Convenient for travelling SpecificationsInput DC 12 - 24Output 8.4Vdc 1A...