Summer Sleeping Bag Guide

Choosing a summer sleeping bag

We recommend using a sleeping bag year round, including during the hot days and night of summer.

Sleeping bags used without any additional bedding help ensure your baby or toddler is sleeping safely and stay a comfortable temperature all night.

Sleeping bags are also a very strong sleep association, reminding your child that it's sleep time no matter where they are. This is very useful when you are on holiday or wanting your child to sleep when you are out and about over the summer.

We pride ourselves on our wide range, but it can make choosing the perfect bag confusing! We hope you find this information useful and of course always feel free to phone us on 0800SLEEPY or email us if you have questions or need help choosing!

 We love all our summer sleeping bags and we only stock brands we really rate as being good quality and value for money. Plus we make sure all our sleeping bags meet the relevant safety standards.

Having said that, we do have some particular favourites and also some clear best-sellers with our customers.



Our favourite bags:



Comparison Chart

  Woolbabe Ergopouch Grobag Eeni Meeni Miini Moh

Summer Weight

0.3 Tog

05 Tog

0.6 Tog

Front-zip model


Side-zip model

O   O  

Available in sizes up to 3yrs


Available in sizes over 3 yrs*





Available in other weights O O O O

Longer than average


Travel slot for 5-point harness





Underarm poppers O   O  

Free room thermometer

O O O  

Eczema friendly





Machine washable & tumble dry

  Wool Wash Detergent. Line Dry preferred      

Outer fabric

70% Cotton/30% Merino Cotton & bamboo 100% Cotton 100% Cotton


Reverse side of outer layer Reverse side of outer layer 100% Cotton 100% Cotton

Further Info

Unique Features

Made from natural fibres. Naturally breathable. Finished with durable & reliable zips and poppers. Generously sized. Velcro sealed travel slot to stop feet getting caught in it. Our most chosen and highly-rated sleeping bag brand.

Made with organic fibres. Zip Guard. Slim fitting with narrower than average neck opening. A preferred choice of parents looking for an eczema firendly option.

Travel slot available on selected styles, see product description for details. Wide variety or patterns and styles available in a range of differetn weights. A good all-rounder.

Cool Designs. Zip Guard


The range

Woolbabe Ergopouch Grobag Eeni Meeni Miini Moh

Matching pyjama option











*Available colour & pattern options may vary depending on the size of the sleeping bag. Exta length Sleeping bags allow more room to grow meaning that you can use the sleeping bag for longer before purchasing the next size up. Sleeping Bags with a travel slot allow a buggy harness to be fed through the bag so that baby can wear the sleeping bag and snooze on the move.


Summer Showcase:

We have made a series of very quick You Tube videos showing they key features of each summer bag.

You can view these individually on our all here on our You Tube channel:

What is 'tog rating'?

The tog measurement is an international measurement of 'thermal effectiveness' or how warm something is to but it simply.  Basically, the higher the tog number, the greater the warmth is.

Summer sleeping bags are usually 1.0 or under, depending on where you are and the tempearture range in your child's bedroom. In some parts of New Zealand, a 2.5 tog or winter weight bag will still be needed overnight.

Sleeping bags that are made with merino content are naturally temperature regulating and cannot be tog rated in the same way that 100% cotton or polyester filled bags can be. So our very popular woolbabe range isn't tog rated and is available in three warmths; Summer, 3-Seasons and Duvet weight. Bags such as woolbabes are more forgiving in terms of having the right clothing and are therefore a very good option if your baby's room has a wide temperature range.

You can vary the warmth inside the bag by the clothes baby will wear when sleeping in it. For example on a very hot day a nappy may be enough to keep their temperature cool. On a very cold day you could dress them in a couple of layers of long sleeve clothing or use a warmer weight sleeping bag.

Tog ratings must conform to British Standard BS4745:1990. If you think of the heat generated by your baby's body escaping through the fibres of the sleeping bag. the higher the tog rating the more heat is contained within the sleeping bag, whereas the lower the tog number the more heat can escape and the cooler the temperature inside the bag.

A tog is roughly equivelant to a layer of clothing or a light blanket. Many of our sleeping bags are available in three tog ratings. In the warmest months of the year a 0.5 tog or lower is recommended. Inbetween seasons a 1.0 tog rated bag is usually suitable. In winter when room temperatures can vary between 16-20 degrees a 2.5 tog rated bag is a good solution.

If you compare the tog rating of your baby's sleeping bag to your winter duvet you'll notice that your duvet's tog is much higher. It's important to keep baby cool and avoid overheating, after all they can't simply throw off their sleeping bag if they get too hot. We always recommend natural breathable fibres for clothing and pyjamas, and inparticular merino can help with temperature regulation.


Please note: A number of external factors determine the tog rating of the sleeping bag that should be used. These include the quantity of clothing the baby is wearing, the temperature of the infant’s bedroom, the baby’s health and the amount of bedding necessary to keep an individual infant warm – this can vary widely as it does for adults!


Sleeping Bag & clothing guide

The guide below will help you to choose a sleeping bag that is suitable for the temperature of the room which baby will be sleeping in. Babies warmth needs vary for child to child just as they do for adults so use as a starting point and adjust to suit your baby accordingly.

Check your baby regularly to ensure they do not overheat or are waking up from being too cold. The optimal room temperature is around 18-20 degress celcius but of course this can be hard to achieve during mid summer!  Try experimenting with a fan, windows open or even invest in a small portable air conditioning unit if your baby's room is very warm.

By adjusting the clothing that baby wears inside the sleeping bag you'll help to make baby more comfortable at different room temperatures. Many sleeping bags come with a free room thermometer that can be used as a clothing guide. Try to keep baby's room temperature below 27 degrees so that they don't overheat. The gro egg is another excellent tool for helping keep an eye on room temperature.

If the room temperature drops and baby is waking up from the cold choose a warmer weight sleeping bag. We recommend the 3-seasons Woolbabe if you need a bag to cover a wide range of temperatures over the warmer months and it is especially good for rooms that are warm in the evening but drop



Grobag & Slumbersac etc





    (Cotton/Polyester fill)   (Merino/Cotton with wool filling on duvet weight bag)   (Bamboo or Cotton with cotton fill)

Bedroom Temperature

  0.5 tog   1.0 tog   2.5 tog   Summer   3-Seasons   Duvet  

0.3 & 0.5 tog


1.0 tog


 2.5 & 3.5 tog

30°c (86°f)


28°c (82°f)

            Singlet   Nappy       Nappy        

26°c (79°f)

Short-sleeved bodysuit           Short-sleeved bodysuit   Singlet       Singlet        

24°c (75°f)

    Short-sleeved bodysuit       Short-sleeved bodysuit   Short-sleeved bodysuit       Short-sleeved bodysuit   Short-sleeved bodysuit    

22°c (71°f)

    long-sleeved bodysuit           Long-sleeved bodysuit   Long-sleeved bodysuit   Long-sleeved bodysuit   Long-sleeved bodysuit  

Short-sleeved bodysuit (2.5 tog only)

20°c (69°f)

    Short-sleeved bodysuit & pj top           Long-sleeved bodysuit & pants   Long-sleeved bodysuit & pants       Long-sleeved bodysuit & pants   Long-sleeved bodysuit

18°c (65°f)

        Long-sleeved bodysuit & pyjama top       Long sleeved bodysuit, pants & top   Long-sleeved bodysuit, top, pants & wool socks           Long-sleeved bodysuit & pants

16°c (61)°f

        Long-sleeved bodysuit, pants & top           Long-sleeved bodysuit, top, pants & wool socks           Long-sleeved bodysuit, top & pants

14°c (57°f)

                    Long-sleeved bodysuit, 2x tops, pants & wool socks            


Sleeping bag features explained:


Woolbabe sleeping bags use a unique fabric knitted especially for woolbabe from 30% merino and 70% cotton. This feels like a cotton T-shirt but contains enough merino that it really helps regulate your baby's temperature. This fabric can help babies stay the right temperature, covers a wide room temperature range and stays comnfortable even if it gets damp.


Weight & Size:

Choose a sleeping bag for the size and weight your child is NOW. Sleeping bags need to be the right size to be a safe fit and we do not recommend buying a bag to 'grow into'.  Sizing differs for each brand, so please check the table above or see each product page for details. In particular, the 2-4 year woolbabes should not be used for children under 12kg and we recommend waiting until 2 years old as they are a big fit and are very long.

Age ranges can vary in size between manufacturer however use the following info as a guide 0-6m or at least 4kg, 6-18m or at least 8.1kg, 18-36m or at least 11.4kg and 3-6 years or at least 55cm chest.


Warmth Rating:

Sleeping bags generally come in 3 weights - Summer (also called 0-3 & 0.6 tog), Mid-weight (3-seasons, 1.0 tog etc) and Winter weight (duvet, winter, 2.5 & 3.5 tog).  For most houses, you will need more than one weight of sleeping bag to ensure your child sleeps comfortable.

The only bag which gets close to being a 'year round' bag is the 3-seasons woolbabe, which we have personally used in rooms 18-30 degrees. However if your child's room is regularly in the high 20's we recommend investing in a summer sleeping bag.


Fabric & layers:

Summer sleeping bags are either one or two layers of fabric.

They can be made from either jersey fabric (stretchy like a T-shirt) or Woven cotton (like sheets).

Our summer bag range includes 100% cotton, bamboo, merino and woolbabe's famous merino/cotton blend.


Travel Slot:

Some of our summer sleeping bags have a 'travel slot', which means you can use the bag in a buggy with 5 point harness. These bags are all clearly labelled in the product description page. You can of course use travel slot bags in your cot as normal.

Front zip travel bags have a double-ended zip on the front and travel slot in the back. Side zip travel bags have slots in both the front and back of the bag.



We stock a wide range of sleeping bag brands, from value to high end brands. Please click here to read our comparing sleeping bag brands article.

Our most popular brands for summer sleeping bags are woolbabe, grobag, aden+anais, ergoPouch and the excellent value Slumbersacs.

Please note not all brands are available at all times.


Sleeping bag comparison chart extended:

Here's our chart comparing our range of summer sleeping bags. Please note not all styles may be available due to stock availability and the time in the season.


Brand    Woolbabe   grobag   Ergopouch   Aden+Anais   Love to Dream   Uh-Oh   Eeni Meeni Miini Moh   Babu   Mokopuna   Slumbersac



0.5 tog

  0.3 tog   0.5 tog   Inventa 1.0 tog   0.5 tog   Summer 0.6 tog   Summer   Cocoono Light   0.5 tog
Front zip Option   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes       Yes   Yes           Yes

Side zip option



  Yes           Yes           Yes   Yes   Yes
Available in sizes up to 3 years  






      Yes   Yes   Yes           Yes
Available in over 3 years   Yes   Yes   Yes           Yes   Yes            
Bag lengths   95 & 117cm   76, 94 &112cm   85,100 & 130cm   70.5, 79, 89 & 95.5cm   85, 95cm   79, 88, 92 & 96cm   77, 88 & 98cm   88cm   80cm   74, 86 & 92-112cm
Other warmths or tog ratings available   Yes   Yes   Yes       Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
Underarm Poppers   Yes   Yes                       Yes        
Travel slot   Yes   Option on some styles           Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Option on some styles
Outer fabric   30% Merino 100%Cotton   100% Cotton   Cotton & Bamboo   Light cotton muslin   100% Cotton   100% Cotton   100% Cotton   95% Cotton 5% Spandex   100% Merino   100% Cotton
Filling fibre   N/A   N/A   N/A   N/A   N/A   N/A   N/A   N/A   N/A   N/A
Lining fabric   Reverse of outer layer   100% Cotton   Reverse of outer layer   Reverse of outer layer  

100% Cotton with polyester mesh section

  100% Cotton   100% Cotton   95% Cotton 5% Spandex   100% Merino   100% Cotton
Unique features  

Made from natural fibres.Generous sizing. Velcro seal travel slot.

  Wide variety of patterns and styles. Zip guard
  Slim fitting with narrow neck.
Zip guard. Made with organic fibres
  Only light muslin option   Zipped mesh vent for cooling. Poppers to shorten length of bag   Zip guard   Zip guard   Generous sizing. Shoulder popper on one side.   Shouldler poppers one side of wide neck opening.   Poppers to shorten length of bag
Free room thermometer   Yes   Yes   Yes                           Yes
Eczema friendly choice*       Yes   Yes                            
Machine wash & tumble dry   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
    Wool wash detergent. Line dry preferred                   Line dry           Wool wash detergent. Line dry preferred    
Approx price   $100   $90   $80   $50   $80   $80   $75   $55   $130   $45
Designed in   New Zealand & Australia   United Kingdom   Australia   U.S.A   Australia   Australia   Australia   New Zealand   New Zealand   United Kingdom
Manufactured in China   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   India   Yes   Yes

*Eczema friendly. The range of Ergopouch sleeping bags in organic cotton and natural fibres offer the best option for children with eczema. Most of the other sleeping bags we offer are lined with 100% cotton and labels can be removed on the majority of styles. Contact us for specific style details. We also recommended combining the sleeping bag with Jack&Abby mitten sleeves or Kumfy Cotton clothing available here

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