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Baby Shusher

Baby Shusher

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Product Description


The Baby Shusher is a handy tool for parents using an ancient but doctor-tested technique to help soothe your fussy baby.  The Baby Shusher breaks a baby's crying spell by engaging his or her natural calming reflex. The rhythmic shush reminds the baby of being inside the womb, where there is a constant inundation of loud sounds from blood flow and other in utero noises (up to 95 dBs, or the sound of a very loud vacuum cleaner). These sounds, which may initially seem harsh, are actually very calming to a baby.

Please note the Baby Shusher uses 2 x AA batteries. So if you are using this regularly, we strongly recommend you use good quality rechargeable batteries to avoid ongoing waste to landfill or cost. 

If you are looking for a rechargeble option, we strongly recommend the Hushh or Rohm. if you are using this at home, then we recommend the plug-in machines by Marpac - Whish or Hushh.

Frequently asked questions

1. When do I use the Baby Shusher?
The Baby Shusher is intended to be used when baby has been well fed and burped, has a clean diaper, and is still in a crying spell.

2. How close in proximity should I put the Baby Shusher to my baby?
It is important that the Baby Shusher is within two feet of baby's hearing radius. This will ensure that baby hears the rhythmic shush above their own cry and engages the natural calming reflex. The Baby Shusher's rhythmic shush can easily get lost if simply set on the dresser across the room from crib. The first goal of the Baby Shusher is to stop your baby from crying and not to simply provide soothing background noise (although this is an option once baby has calmed down).

3. Where should the speaker be pointed?
The direction of the rhythmic shush sound is VERY important. In order for baby to hear and engage with the rhythmic shush, the sound waves should be travelling toward baby's ears (and not away). This means that speaker on the bottom of your Baby Shusher should be pointed toward your baby (whether in crib, in car seat, in stroller, or while you are holding baby).

4. Should I use the Baby Shusher along with other soothing techniques?
YES. We highly recommend using the Baby Shusher along with other soothing techniques such as swaddling, swinging and sucking. Although we have seen the Baby Shusher work on its own thousands of times, it would be foolish to not bring all options to the table at once when trying to calm your crying baby.

5. What are the most common ways and places to use the Baby Shusher?
Some of the most common places to use the Baby Shusher are while holding baby, when putting baby in crib for sleep time, naps, or at night, in the car seat while driving, in the swing, and in the stroller with baby. We've even seen parents use the Baby Shusher as a preventive measure (starting the Baby Shusher before baby starts crying) to give baby the best possible chance of remaining calm and at peace. There are literally no limitations (except maybe in the swimming pool!).

6. Can the loud volume level hurt my Baby's ears?
Remember, your baby is used to constantly hearing noises in utero at volumes up to 95 dBs (which is like a very loud vacuum cleaner). Our recommendation is to start the Baby Shusher at a volume loud enough to catch baby's attention during a cry spell and engage baby's calming reflex, and then turn the volume down on the rhythmic shush to match baby's calming state.

7. When should I start using the Baby Shusher?
We recommend using the Baby Shusher from the day baby is born, that way it becomes a habitual way for baby to engage the calming reflex. Baby will begin to recognise the rhythmic shush immediately and calm down even quicker over time.

8. How long does the Baby Shusher take to work?
There is really not an easy way to answer this question. We've seen the rhythmic shush work within seconds on baby. We've also seen the Baby Shusher take up to ten minutes before baby finally embraces the rhythmic shush and engages baby's calming reflex. Every baby and situation is different and unique.

9. For how long can I use the Baby Shusher with my baby?
We've seen the Baby Shusher be effective all the way up to nine months old; however, the most effective season for the Baby Shusher is during the "Fourth Trimester" - birth to four months of age.

10. If I have problems with my Baby Shusher?

We recommend changing the batteries out with good non-rechargable batteries.  You'll know when it is time to change the batteries in the unit as it will start to make short sharp shushing noises.


  • Timing options - 15 or 30 minutes with user controlled volume
  • Ssshhhuing noise
  • Good for newborns and up
  • Needs 2AA batteries (included)
  • Portable for out and about

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  • 12cm long (approx)
  • Needs 2AA batteries (included)

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Brand Information
Baby Shusher
A hugely popular product here at The Sleep Store is the Baby Shusher. It is a great little machine that uses an age-old true and tested technique to help soothe your little one and help you both get some much-needed sleep. Yes you can 'shush' baby to sleep yourself but it can be a long process and when you are both tired this is probably the last thing you want to be doing. The Baby Shusher's rythmic 'shush' is designed to break a baby's cry spell and engage their natural calming reflex, reminding them of the sounds and safety of being inside Mum, helping to calm and soothe baby when upset. Whether you buy the Baby Shusher ready for the arrival of your baby, get one to help the cycle of crying or give one as a gift, the Baby Shusher is a fantastic tool you'll love and wonder how you ever survived without!