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Welcome to our Sleep Advice.

We're here to help with free information, advice and support. On this page you will find links to our advice pages and articles. We offer New Zealand's most comprehensive online baby sleep support service, it's free for any parent to access at anytime.
We have a team of expert Sleep Coaches, who are ready to help you on our Facebook Groups, by email or here with our articles. We are called Sleep Coaches rather than consultants, as we're here to support and guide you to decide what is best for YOUR family. Since 2006 we've help thousands of families find the sleep solutions they need. Let us know how we can help your family.

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Newborn Sleep
Babies 3 - 6. Months

Newborn Sleep

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Baby Tired Signs

A newborn can go from tired to over-tired in an incredibly short time. Missing the tired signs and delaying bedtime by even 5 to 10 minutes can make it much harder to settle your baby. Recognising when your baby is tired is an essential skill. These are the cues that it's time to stop whatever you are doing and get your baby swaddled and into bed ASAP! During the day, babies up to 6 weeks old will generally show tired signs about an hour after waking. Remember this awake time includes your feeding, nappy changing and all other awake activities so it can pass in a flash. So start looking for tired signs about 50 minutes after waking.



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Swaddling The 5 S's

The 5 S's were the initial inspiration for the birth of The Sleep Store.



The Sleep Store

Baby Carriers Most Suitable for Newborn Babies

What baby carriers most suitable for newborns to 5 months? We look at all the options including stretchy wraps, soft structured buckle carriers like the Boba 4GS, Beco Gemini and the Beco X and Beco 8. After watching you will have a comprehensive overview of the best baby carriers available for newborns currently and you should be able to decide on the one that most suits you and your little one. We go even further and take a look at Ring Slings and Meh-Dai's for newborn babies as well as answer lots of questions from our customers at The Sleep Store. To find out more about buying carriers click here: New Zealand: Australia: If you live in Auckland you can book a baby carrier consult with one of our certified babywearing consultants but if you just want to get more information about choosing the right baby carrier for your family click here: New Zealand: Australia:



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How to wrap the Miracle Blanket swaddle

Watch the demonstration and discover how to wrap your baby in the Miracle Blanket swaddle.The amazing Miracle Blanket is our most recommended swaddle. It's such a highly effective and secure swaddle, The Miracle Blanket comes with a 100% money back guarantee*. With the Miracle Blanket it's easy to get the perfect swaddle every time, even in the dark. As the Miracle Blanket doesn't have zips or velcro or snaps, it will fit your baby comfortably every time, even as they grow. Your baby will sleep better, settle more easily and sleep for longer stretches. We also highly recommend the Miracle Blanket as a great solution for overtired catnapping babies too, as it can be a very useful tool for resettling during naps. You'll see how to wrap baby's arms securely in the Miracle Blanket and how to finish the swaddle by wrapping the long piece of fabric across and under baby. You'll also see how baby's legs still have freedom of movement, showing this is a hip-healthy swaddling option. For more information on which swaddle or swaddling wrap is right for you and your baby check out our buying guides and comparison charts here... *100% LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE AND RETURN POLICY



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Stretchy Wrap for NEWBORNS

A stretchy wrap is the number one choice for most parents who want to carry their newborn baby. Why? Watch this video to find out more as we demonstrate how to wear the Boba Wrap and discuss just how comfy this wrap is for both the baby and the carrier. The Boba Wrap is the most ergonomic babywearing option for babies from birth. Simply tie the material snug against your body and achieve a perfect fit every time. The Boba Wrap is a high quality, 2-way stretch fabric, which means it stretches both around you and your baby and across the wrap. Watch as Louise shows you how to tie the Boba Wrap easily and securely. Boba wrap fits all size adults, so there's no need to adjust it or buy a different carrier. You'll find the Boba Wrap a really comfortable fit regardless of your size and height, it will fit all adults perfectly. You can tie your Boba Wrap and wear it all day, just pop baby in and out as you need, even wear it in the car and put baby in when you get to your destination. Designed to be worn with legs out from birth, the Boba Wrap fabric provides flexibility, adjustability, and real support from day one - and many months to follow. Shop our full range of Stretchy Wraps for Newborn Babies here at The Sleep Store... New Zealand: Australia:



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