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Guide to Bobux Footwear

Guide to Bobux Footwear

Sizing Guides & Tips

If you are unsure of the size or style of Bubx to get & want to avoid ordering the wrong size check the guides below. You'll find the right fit for your little one's feet with our handy selection of videos, information & advice.

4-Steps To Measuring Your Child's Feet

Step 1

Ask your child to stand on a piece of paper. If they can keep their feet still at the same time give them a high five.

Step 2

Draw around both feet with a ball point pen. Extra points if you don't accidentally draw on their foot.

Step 3

With a ruler measure the length of each foot outline. At this point you may notice one of your outlines is a bit wiggly. Repeat Step 2 if needed.

Step 4

Write down the measurement of the longest foot. Check your measurement on the sizing chart below or the Bobux Fit Wizard.

Bobux measuring instructions

Bobux Sizing Guide

If you know the size of your child's feet use the table below that shows the Bobux size next to US and UK equivalent sizes and an approximate foot length in millimetres. Note that Bobux sizing leaves some room for feet to grow with their sizing.

If you need to find out the size of your child's feet use the 4-step process above.

For more detailed Bobux sizing details click here to go to the Bobux Fit Wizard

Bobux Sizing Guide

Which type of Bobux should you choose?

Little feet start life so incredibly soft and pliable. They need absolute flexibility to develop as Mother Nature intended. Bobux believes tight fitting socks, rigid soles and materials that don't move with wriggles and stretches can hamper healthy development. The range of Bobux shoes available at The Sleep Store can be broken down into three main styles, Soft Sole, Step Up and i-Walk. Bobux has created each of these ranges to offer a different level of support and structure suited to the different stages of development a child's feet go through. Here's a breakdown...

Soft Soles - This type is ideal for babies that have started to crawl around and explore. They give their feet freedom to move and grow. They provide them with protection and comfort whilst ensuring secure grip.

Step Up - This type is ideal for infants that have taken their first steps in the last few weeks. First time walkers have a unique foot shape, which is reflected in the Step Up range. They are as flexible as a shoe can get for enabling unrestricted development.

i-Walk - This type is ideal for confident walkers that love running, jumping and going on adventures. A confident walker has a more developed, but still unique foot shape. The i-walk range accommodates this, providing the best possible flexibility whilst adding grip for kids on the go.

For more information about the different types of Bobux available at The Sleep Store see the product's detail page before you add to cart.

Size 22 iWalk or Size 22 Step Up?

The I Walk is a different shape to the Step Up which make it a different fit, but the actual lengths are the same.

When it comes to deciding whether to go with the I Walk 22 or stay in the Step Up 22 it comes down to how well the child is walking and how much fat is still around the top and ball of the foot. If in doubt stay in the Step Up!

In terms of determining how much room is at the end of the toe to end of the shoe:

  • If the foot has measured at the bottom of a size, there will be approx. 12mm of room left to grow. For example: if a child’s foot length is 140cm, they will be a size 23 and have 12mm left to grow.
  • If the foot has measured at the top of a size, there will be approx. 6mm of room left to grow. For example: if a child’s foot length is 145cm, they will be a size 23 and have 6mm left to grow.

About Bobux and their environmental vision

"May we each do our best to tread lightly on the earth" Chris Bennett, owner and founder of Bobux International Limited.
Just as we are passionate about helping children enjoy those first few steps, we are also committed to reducing our environmental footprint. Little steps will one day be big strides, so protecting the world for future generations plays a key role in our philosophy.
Our work practices, product development and designs, materials and packaging are governed by a comprehensive eco-friendly policy, designed with the future in mind.

The Bobux environmental guarantee


  • Naturally safe for children
  • We never use heavy metals or lead
  • All tanning agents and dye colours used in our leather products are water based
  • Tests confirm no presence of any banned substances in our products
  • All testing is carried out independently by accredited authorities and to internationally recognised environmental standards
  • Every shipment is pre-tested and re-checked before dispatch
  • All products are manufactured to the highest safety and social compliance regulations

Where to next?

You'll find further information on Bobux in the product description pages.