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LL1S0S736 Woven Wrap - Little Herringbone Illusions Herringbone weave, 100% cotton. 250gm. LENNY LAMB: Quality  100% natural cotton is used to create baby slings and baby carriers, we used pure cotton dyed in a safe way for children, not containing heavy metals and toxic substances, produced in Poland.  Wondering about the quality of our products?  They are considered to be well made and very durable. Production  You will not get the product of accidental origin, we work with a single, trusted weaving mill, and a trusted manufacturer of knitted fabrics. We have chosen them following the strict criteria and actual certificates of quality.
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Lenny Lamb

Triskele Blue/Violet Linen Woven Wrap  SAMPLE SAMPLE -  FROM OUR CONSULTING ROOM LIGHTLY USED AND WASHED GOOD CONDITION   60% cotton, 40% linen, 230g/m2 These lovely woven wraps are made in Poland from a beautiful quality cotton and linen blend. They offer excellent value and soften up quickly to become a very comfortable and easy to use woven wrap. Woven wraps offer very good value baby and toddler carrying, as they can be used from newborn through to toddlers. While they require some learning to use, as our video instructions show, the technique can be mastered quite quickly for a basic front cross carry and there are endless comfortable ways to carry your children. Woven wraps offer comfort, versatility and a way to inject your own style into carrying your child in a way that a boring black carrier never can!   Size guidelines: Woven Wrap sizign can be confusing when you first start investigating this carrier option! Basically the size you buy is determined by your own body size and the way you will use the wrap. Most people, begin with learning the Front Wrap Cross Carry, which we demonstrate in the video below.  For this wrap, here’s our guideline: If you are a size 10 or smaller - Size 5 If you are of average body size (12-16) - Size 6 If you are fluffy (size 18+) - Size 7. Then the different wrapping techniques can use different sizes. Generally more experienced wrappers will start to use shorter wraps for quick tying techniques such as a simple ruck. ’Shorties’ are wraps in sizes 2-4. We can order in size 8’s when available. You can use our size search once you are in the Woven Wraps to see what we have available in t
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