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Which type of Bobux should you choose?

Little feet start life so incredibly soft and pliable. They need absolute flexibility to develop as Mother Nature intended. Bobux believes tight fitting socks, rigid soles and materials that don't move with wriggles and stretches, can hamper healthy development. The range of Bobux shoes available at The Sleep Store can be broken down in to three main styles, Soft Sole, Step Up and i-Walk. Bobux has created each of these ranges to offer a different level of support and structure suited to the different stages of development a childs feet go through. Here's a breakdown...

Soft Soles - This type is ideal for babies that have started to crawl around and explore. They give their feet freedom to move and grow. They provide them with protection and comfort whilst ensuring secure grip.

Step Up  - This type is ideal for infants that have taken first steps in the last few weeks. First time walkers have a unique foot shape, which is reflected in the Step Up range. They are as flexible as a shoe can get for enabling unrestricted development.

i-Walk - This type is ideal for confident walkers that love running, jumping and going on adventures. A confident walker has a more developed, but still unique foot shape. The i-walk range accommodates this, providing the best possible flexibility whilst adding grip for kids on the go.

For more information about the different types of Bobux available at The Sleep Store the product's detail page before you add to cart.