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Babe Sleeper

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The MotherWise Babe-Sleeper is a 100% cotton sleep-bag attached to its own special base-sheet.

This innovative product designed to fit infants approx 3-36 months, and features under-arm snaps for a safe and secure fit on babies over 6kg.  Babies have the freedom to roll from side-to-side and sit-up, but the BabeSleeper prevents them from moving all around the cot or standing to climb and fall out of the cot.

Being 100% cotton, it is designed for year-round use.  In the hottest days of summer, an infant can sleep very comfortably in it with just a nappy on – it is similar to sleeping with just a cotton sheet on top. For winter months, use warmer clothing and a sleeping bag inside the Babe-Sleeper, adjusting layers depending on your child and the temperature.

  • Your baby can not move round the cot or stand up, but can roll or sit.
  • Your baby is more likely to stay warm, as it’s much harder to kick off the covers.
  • Arms or legs can’t get stuck through cot bars or head knocked on the end of the cot.
  • Your baby will build positive sleep associations with getting into the sleep-bag and will more settle quickly to sleep.

It provides excellent value as it replaces both the top and bottom cot sheets, and can be used from approx age 3 to 36 months.  It adapts to fit all standard cots, single & king single mattresses.

You can add extra clothing or blankets over the top for additional warmth. However the best option is to use a sleeping bag inside the Babe Sleeper. 

Size info:
  • Can be used on all standard cots
  • Use the enclosed extension straps to fit a single or kingsingle mattress
  • Sleeping bag measures approx 107cm long 
  • Can be used with babies/infants approx 3-36mths old

The MotherWise (formally BabyOK™) Babe-Sleeper was co-designed by Kathy Fray, midwife, entertaining speaker, popular magazine columnist, and author of the best selling book OH BABY ... Birth, Babies & Motherhood Uncensored.


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Rating I wish I had bought it sooner

By Anna from Auckland on 26 July 2018

I hesitated to buy this to replace out safe T sleep for my 12 month old but I had nothing to worry about. In fact from the first sleep she settle quicker and slept soundly!!! Love it

Rating Five stars +++

By Sarah from Auckland on 20 March 2018

Not sure what I would do without this fantastic product. Makes bed time so easy every time. Baby can comfortably roll over & sleep on his tummy, back or side. As soon as DS is zipped in, he knows it’s sleep time and is asleep within minutes as opposed to playing around in his cot for 15-20 minutes. Can not recommend enough.

Rating Can't recommend enough

By Josephine from Gore on 2 August 2017

My son was a bad sleeper and at around 6 months wouldn't settle to sleep, we couldn't get him to lie down in his cot at all. This Babe Ok Sleeper changed things instantly! He's 25 months and still sleeping in it, I don't know what I'd do without it.

  • Displaying reviews 1-3 of 3
  • Pages: 1

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