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CoziGo (Fly Babee) - Travel Sleep Easy Cover

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CoziGo - Sleep on the Go!

This is the world’s first multi-purpose Sleep & Sun Cover for all Strollers, Prams & Airline Bassinets. It’s an essential item for getting out and about every day with your baby and a must-have for flying and travel!

CoziGo is 100% breathable, blocks 97% of light, can be opened up and used as a sun cover providing UVP of 50+ and is super compact and lightweight.

It’s fast becoming known as “The Miracle Cover” for mums that value their babies all-important sleep routine whilst maintain a healthy outdoor lifestyle.

The CoziGo Sleep Easy cover is not only one of the best stroller covers on the market, it’s also the first product in the world to practically address the issues of getting a baby to sleep whilst on an airplane.

CoziGo is a pop-up sleep cover that easily attaches to airline bassinets and all types of strollers - it blocks out 97% of light and movement, is 100% breathable and provides your baby with a cosy, distraction-free environment so that your baby can sleep easily no matter where you are.

A baby’s sleep routine is so important and we all know that a sleeping baby is a happy baby and a happy baby means a happy parent!


Once CoziGo arrives, when should I start using it?

We recommend that you start using CoziGo on your pram as soon as you can during your everyday routine.  You’ll love it – and your baby will love it.  If you have any trips coming up and you plan to use CoziGo on the inflight bassinet, your baby will already be familiar with it and it will already be a part of their sleeping routine.  Babies go to sleep with aseries of cues provided by you – once you clip CoziGo to the pram, they will know it’s time to sleep.  The same will happen once you board your flight, CoziGo makes travelling with a baby easy.

Using CoziGo will promote a deeper, longer sleep.  Babies naturally stir in 45 minute sleep cycles – when there are no distractions to look at and catch their eye, your baby will naturally fall in to the next cycle and stay in comfortable slumber.  CoziGo helps baby to sleep whilst flying - it’s the perfect sleeping aid for Air Travel.

When Should I use CoziGo?

At every opportunity you can!  CoziGo allows you the flexibility to get out and about when you need to without disturbing your baby’s sleep routine.  CoziGo is a universal pram & stroller cover perfect for mums with babies needing a pram cover.  Take it everywhere with you whenever you want your baby to sleep - for peaceful coffees, outings, day trips, holidays, weekends away, trips to friends and relatives houses and most importantly any inflight bassinet.  CoziGo blackout pop-up canopy for in-flight bassinets is a must have accessory.

How breathable is CoziGo?

CoziGo is made from a woven fabric with many holes, is 100% breathable and provides a well-ventilated environment within prams, strollers and inflight bassinets.

CoziGo fabric has been tested in a respected testing laboratory for air-permeability and breathability and provides a free flow of air through the fabric, addressing the potential hazard of suffocation.  Mums with babies, husbands, grandparents, friends of mums with babies and toddlers can rest easy, knowing that CoziGo is a safe product.

How dark is CoziGo?

CoziGo blocks out over 90% of surrounding light.  It makes your pram and inflight bassinet dark and cosy.  Your baby will be able to see shapes and movement which often provides them with the security that things and people are around them, but nothing is able to catch their eye and stimulate them.

Does CoziGo fit all airline bassinets?

CoziGo is designed to fit most airline bassinets.  There are a number of old aircraft that carry bassinets that are not appropriate to use with CoziGo.  If you are unlucky enough to get a bassinet that CoziGo doesn’t fit, take a photo of it and return the unit in unused condition to Fly Babee and we will offer a full refund. PLEASE Check with your airline, before flying, that they are happy for you to use the CoziGo.

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