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Introducing a Comforter Thread

Introducing a Comforter Thread

The Sleep Store posted:

Have you used a comforter for your baby or toddler? What was it? Any tips to share for introducing it?

Our Facebook Community posted:

Both my two have north american bear co bunnys. Biggest thing I think is have several the same. Ours take 2 to bed so we dont have to get up in the middle of the night to find them when they are thrown out of the cot. Best thing ever tho, great for telling if they are ready for sleep - when we offer bunny and he gets laughed at and flung around, mr ten month is not ready, but if he snuggles him and thumb goes in mouth then its sleep time

My Addi has a North American Bear co Monkey! Well she has 3. one for the car, one in bed and one for emergencies (its never been used yet lol). She immediately sucks her thumb and her eyes roll back in her head.

Unfortunately, DD acquired a pooh bear that'd I had for years as her bedtime snuggly, and of course we can't get a duplicate of it....

Ours loves his muslin blankies, he also has cuskis that he cuddles up with in bed. He especially loves the toweling when he's teething.

my son has a pooh bear also, an unfortunatly hes a limited edition so always have to check weve got him if we go away etc, would be a distaster if he got lost, got him a week after my son was born an hes been in the cot and bed since

My 2.5 year old has 2 'cuddlies' I made him (just like a small blankie) I introduced at 6 months old. Very important to rotate them so they both get the same amount of use (he only gets one at a time), we lost one for a while and I tried to introduce a third and it was completely rejected. I've made three for my second baby :) my toddler uses his at sleep time and for comfort when sick, tired, injured or somewhere new.

My daughter (2yrs) has cuski's (she calls them kaka's) and loves them. She had 2 minties from about 7 weeks old and they were getting a bit tatty so I got her 2 purple ones (her fave colour), but now, she has to have "green kaka and purple kaka" at the same time, whenever she sleeps, needs comfort, is BFing. She talks to them, cuddles them, makes them kiss each other, and they are great for cuddling to sleep.

I'm with the comments above, we have 3 cuddlies, one is pristine and toddler takes at least 2 to bed so he can find them in the dark. The first one was a gift, had to track down more from the UK at great expense!

My two LOVE their cuski's... Especially the 'hat' bit and the tag... Generally sodden after a nap and in the morning!! Both snuggle into to dose off or pass from hand to hand to find the right bit. Both 6.5 months now, and have had for a month or so... Really need to get duplicates just in case!! :0)

My 5 month old son has had his cuskiboo since birth, but really took to it once we weaned him off the dummy at 4 months. It helps him self settle to sleep, and he sleeps 12 hours at night. He likes to suck on it, in particular the 'hat' bit. We have two so we can rotate them when one needs washing, but could almost do with another...

My 2 year old LOVES her Cuskiboo's - she has so many it isnt funny.. Forever washing them, she knows where the clean ones are kept so we usually find 2 or 3 around the house!!

My 3.5 yr old has had her North American Bear Co "bunny" since about 6 mths old, and brought a backup so they can get washed etc. Great for comforting, settling to sleep.

My 3.5 mth old was gifted the elephant which stays with him in his cot but hasn't taken to it yet. No doubt will need to get another soon if he does! ;-) Such lovely quality comforters :-)

My 7 1/2 month old daughter has had a Pinkee Cuski since 4 months old. She always finds the hat and tag and it ends up soaked! Snuggles her face into it when she's settling to sleep and munches on it. We have 2 to rotate for washing and it always stays in her cot to keep it associated with sleep.

I have 3 'Nellies' for our 15 month old, she attached to one then I spent hours searching for the back up two which are a different colour. I found the best way to introduce the new ones was for us to sleep with them in our bed for a couple of nights then she liked the smell of them and took them straight away. I do rotate them for washing etc.

My 17 month old LOVES his Cuskis. Blublu(Bluey) & Lellow (Sunny) get rotated through the wash, and Prince Cuski stays at Nana's house. He calls them Kucki's at the moment, very cute! As above, the tags are always soaked. He's had them since 4 months old and is becoming more attached to them since starting daycare - such a security blanket - they are AWESOME. I also give them as gifts for friends expecting, and everyone I have referred them on to loves them just as much!
We have a Cuski for bedtime, and one in the cupboard for washing time... LB is only just over 3months but he was waking a lot and wanting comforting and so we introduced a Cuski with my smell on it and he holds onto it while he sleeps and loves snuggling it on his face!
Pop it up your top for a night or two, so it smells like you! Then give it your baby for all feeds and cuddles, so he associates it with snuggling up to you. Encourage him to fondle it as you cuddle him..then put it in with him for all sleeps and when you know he is tired or upset. xx