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Lamington Merino Socks

Lamington Merino Socks

Why we love Lamington's!

The Sleep Store loves Lamington's and highly recommends them to help children sleep better! Our customers constantly tell us what a difference having warm feet makes to their children sleeping through and even sleeping later in the morning.

Lamington socks are made of beautiful merino wool to keep feet and legs snuggly warm.

They are knee-high to keep little feet AND legs warm, and they really do stay up all night. Also perfect for running around and wearing in gumboots!

With the sizes knitted into each pair you will never get confused with whose are whose!

70% Merino Wool.

Lamingtons are proudly made in New Zealand.

About Lamington's Merino Wool

Merino is very popular:

  • unique temperature regulating qualities
  • incredibly soft
  • kind to delicate skin
  • durable & pure


When worn against the skin, merino has an excellent ability to regulate temperature providing warmth, without overheating your loved ones.

Merino also has the natural ability to breathe and draw moisture (sweat) away from the skin.

This provides further benefits in summer by reducing the humidity between skin and garment, giving your child a very comfortable wear.


About Lamington, The Business:


Lamington is owned and operated by Auckland-based Sarah Teensma. A mother herself with two little girls, she is no stranger to what parents need.

Fed up with baby socks that wouldn't stay on and socks that were just too short she came up with Sock-ings; gorgeous knee-high, merino wool socks that won't fall down. No more cold little toes for our kiwi babes.

Lamington was launched in 2005 at the Auckland Parent & Child Show. It began with a range of 8 designer T-shirts for age 3 months through to 3 years but it was socks that really took off. The range was met with overwhelming enthusiasm which led to the wider market. Lamington is now stocked in over fifty retail outlets throughout New Zealand including Gift Shops, Galleries and Baby Boutiques as well as some wonderful online stores.

Lamington Merino Sock-ings are a must have in any child's wardrobe. The unique design means they won't fall down and they are made of beautiful Merino wool. Each sock has the age knitted in so no more getting confused with whose are whose.

All Lamington products are proudly New Zealand made using only the best products and manufacturers.