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Lulla Doll Reviews

Lulla Doll Reviews

Yes, Lulla is an investment and you want to know whether Lulla Doll will work for your baby!

Here are some reviews we have collated from online reviewers and from our customer feedback.


Customer reviews from The Sleep Store

Great Doll

Becky from Whangarei on 13 October 2016

My six month old wasn't interested in Lulla and seemed a bit scared when we first got it. Eventually just having the doll there (not turned on) she began to look for her for naps and bedtime.
When she started waking and not settling for anything but cuddles I started to turn on Lulla and baby would go back to sleep.
The other night baby woke, I got up, turned on Lulla and went back to bed.
This dolly is fantastic!


Starting to help

Fozia from Auckland on 24 July 2016

We have had the Lulla for just a few sleeps so it's still early days. I really wanted to remove boobie as a sleep association so am introducing this to my nearly 6 month old. She was quite fascinated by the doll.
First couple of days she seemed to resettle quicker at each wake up. Last night, I put her back down after a feed and she turned on her side toward the Lulla and fell fast asleep! She did this again at the next wake up. Third wake up, no such luck then I realised the Lulla had switched off!
So, I think it's helping and well worth a try. Also, have to commend the Sleep Store, I ordered this late at night and received it the next afternoon. Awesome service!



Worth her Weight in Gold!

Trina from Hamilton 24 July 2016

We absolutely LOVE the Lulla doll and cannot recommend her enough. Our 6 month old usually wakes 1-2 times during each daytime nap and then at least every hour through the night. Since introducing Lulla a week ago he's now sleeping right through his day naps and last night was our first night of no wake ups (aside from a quick scheduled feed at 3.30am) from 7pm - 6.50am. We love that she's so easy to use and isn't just another contraption (white noise machine etc.) and she can be popped in the washing machine when needed.




I can basically start this review with “What would I do for a night’s sleep” and the answer is anything. And then anything again. Because basically anything.

So would I share a bed with a creepy doll with a weird face that clicks and gasps for air like a dying zombie? Yes, yes I would.

"I'm a Lulla Doll! I would never hurt you while you're sleeping! I probably don't have teeth."

Let’s be real – I would share my bed with a possessed demon or actually an actual dead person if it meant my child who hates sleep with the fire of a thousand suns would actually FLUFFING* sleep. So yes, if a doll with a death rattle soothes my child, then I’m pleased I can just get a Lulla Doll and I don’t have to actually kill someone.

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Lulla sells out in record time!
“Cooper (4 year old) loves it. He came in at 6 am and said that his doll kept him safe, he woke up twice overnight but didn’t need to come and get us because it was like we were with him and he just snuggled his doll. WINNING!!!”

“The last 3 nights Amelia has only woken once and that was for a drink then went back to sleep, plus she is also sick with a cold. What an amazing doll Lulla is.”

“We received the Lulla doll. I cannot thank you enough. It’s amazing - my one year old went from waking every 40 mins to last night sleeping through. I feel like a human again. She basically sleeps on top of the doll and it’s working. So again my sanity and I thank you”

“Day 3 of using Lulla, and I must say I am very impressed. Amazing quality, so soft and my daughter Paige who is 9 months old has taken to her very well. She has always been a good sleeper and goes down awake. What I have found is that if she stirs a little or has a little cry, she settles and goes back to sleep and is sleeping for long periods during the day, whereas before she would wake straight up after a stir or cry. Even with her three older noisy sisters she is sleeping through." Emma x

“She usually takes much longer than under 2 mins to drop off! We’ve had continued success today - I cannot rate Lulla enough. My nine month old was waking every 40 mins even with co- sleeping and I was at my wits end and crippled with exhaustion. I purchased Lulla as a last resort thinking that we had absolutely no hope. On the first night in her cot she woke twice and the second and third night we had a baby that slept through the night. I feel like a human again thank you so much for bringing this into my life.”

“Just thought I would share my bub’s first nap with Lulla! She went down a little whiny but quickly settled and snuggled in (and I keep checking to make sure she’s not too close!). She went to sleep in her cot with Lulla, stayed asleep while I put her in the car, slept in the car, slept the whole way through a crazy loud soccer lesson in a hall and slept soundly the whole way home from soccer. That has NEVER happened!”