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No 3. Why has my 6 month old started waking in the night again?

Once babies are over 5 months, their sleep changes significantly. They begin to wake between each sleep cycle, which is generallyevery 2 hours during the nightt. They may also start to catnap during the day, as they wake fully between each 45 minute day sleep cycle.

So for babies to be able to 'sleep through' they need to be able to resettle themself 4-6 times a night without your help.

Have a look at how you get your baby to fall asleep - are they relying on your help at bedtime? Do you feed or rock your baby to sleep? You will need to stop this if you want your baby to be able to resettle in the night.

What do you do when your baby wakes? If you want them to go back to sleep without help, you will need to stop helping them and give them the opportunity to self settle. For example, this means stopping using feeds as a settling technique.

Also if your baby relies on a dummy to fall asleep, you will need to teach your baby to pop the dummy in for them self or throw away all the dummies!


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