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No 2. How can I get my toddler to sleep in longer in the mornings?

There are many reasons why a toddler wakes earlier than you are happy with. Basically children all wake at about 5-5.30am as they wake between sleep cycles. So it's best to think of 5am as 'night waking' and treat it as such.

Make sure your child is plenty warm enough.

Use white noise on repeat to ensure any inside or outside noises are disguised and that there is a clear sleep cue that tells your child it is still sleep time.

Don't get them up for cuddles, play, breakfast or let them come into your bed.

Ignore their protesting, screaming, shouting and singing...it is night-time.

Invest in a sleep trainer clock which makes it simple for a child to understand when it is 'morning' and they are allowed to get out of bed or wake you up. Introduce the new wake up time gradually, eg if they wake at 5am, set the sleep trainer for 5.10am for the first morning, 5.20am for the next morning etc.

Be consistent and persistent, as this is the hardest time for most children to resettle themself. But you can change this waking time if you stick to your plan.


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