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No 7 - How can I stop my newborn crying?


We think it must be a very big shock being born! No matter how pleased your baby is to finally meet mum and dad, the world outside the womb is very different. So it pays to remind yourself that your baby needs a lot of time and underrstanding to adjust to life in the world....just as it is going to take you some time to adjust to being a parent for the first time.

We think it helps to think about what it was like in the womb for those long 9 months, as your baby became very accustomed to that specific environment.

For example:

It's noisy in there! It's louder than a vacuum 24/7, so why do we be so quiet around babies!!! Turn on some loud white noise (ssshhhhhh sounds) such as a white noise CD, a vacuum cleaner, blow dryer, running water, coffee grinder etc. You can try ssshhhing but it needs to be loud and continuous...and you might get light headed!

It's wet and warm in there! So jump in a warm, deep bath with your baby and have a lovely soak together. Feeding baby in the bath can be really calming for you both too. Also make sure your baby is warm as cold babies cry lots more.

It's jiggly in there! Your baby is used to constant jiggling movement and was calm whe you were moving. Your baby was most likely awake and kicking the only time you were still...when you were lying down trying to sleep! So pop your baby in a sling or ergo carrier, bounce together on a swiss ball, go for a buggy ride on a bumpy path, use a lovely hammock...anything to get your baby calm by providing the jiggling they are used to.

It was a tight squeeze in there! Your baby is used to being snug & firmly wrapped by the womb,so use firm swaddling in a stretchy wrap to make them feel at home. All your other settling techniques will be much more effective.

Your baby was in a lovely routine inside you! she slept when she was tired and was calm when awake. Your routine of movement and calm periods is what she is used to. So it does take a baby a few days or weeks to adjust from being awake at night and asleep in the day as you know expect.

And most important, your baby never got overtired on the inside. So pay very close attention to her tired signs and put her into bed as soon as she shows she is tired with grizzling, yawning, jerky movements etc. This is usually an hour after a newborn wakes up.


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