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No 5 - What is Verbal Reassurance or VR?

Verbal reassurance is our most popular sleep training technique which we highly recommend for babies over 4 months and toddlers. It works quickly to teach children to self settle and sleep through the night, even babies who have been waking for feeds many times a night.

The basic concept is to give your child the 'opportunity' to self settle. If you always feed them to sleep, rock or pa them or rush in the minute they make a sound, your child never has the chance to learn to get to sleep without help. And like any skill, learning to sleep is a skill that needs lots of practice and the opportunity to practice.

Basically you will put your baby into bed awake, then give them 5 minutes to try to settle without help. Then return after 5 minutes and say something like 'its night time, go to sleep now. Then leave for 10 minutes, again giving your baby the opportunity to go to sleep without help. Return and say the same thing. Leave for 15 minutes, and return and say the same thing.

While this technique is not for everyone, the feedback from parents is always incredibly positive and they are amazed at how quickly their baby is sleeping through and what a dramatic difference this makes for the whole family.

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Ready to get started?

We highly recommend the Sleepeasy Solution DVD, as this will show you exactly how to use this technique. Most families report their baby is sleeping through within a few nights of implementing the Sleepeasy Solution.