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Take the hassle out of constantly stripping beds with Brolly Sheets Cot Pads.  The super versatile, waterproof tuck in pad can be used in all sorts of places.  From baby’s usual cot to travel cots, these waterproof cot pads are super useful for young babies who have reflux or spill a lot.  Easily portable, they are also convenient for protecting flooring during nappy free time or protecting pillows when the inevitable vomiting bug strikes.   All you have to do is lay the Cot Pad over the bottom sheet and tuck in for a secure fit, when wet or spilt on, it takes just seconds to replace with another.


  • ● The Petite size waterproof panel is approx: 70 x 50 cm  (27 x 20 inches)
  • ● The size of the Wings/Flaps is approx: 50 x 30 cm (20 x 12 inches)

Product details:

    • ● Top: 100% cotton
    • ● Middle layer: 95% polyester / 5% rayon
    • ● Backing: 100% polyester backed polyurethane (PUL)
    • ● Flaps: Poly cotton

    Safety Instructions:

    • Stop use if baby is moving about in bed and the Brolly Sheet may become untucked
    • ● Use only with young babies that are unable to roll or change sleeping positions 
    •  Do not use with an electric blanket

    Care Instructions:

    • ● Please wash separately before use as this will soften the fabric and aid absorbency.
    • ● Wash in cold or warm water, you can just throw them in with a normal load.
    • ● Line dry or Tumble dry on low heat.
    • ● Do not iron
    • ● Do not use bleach or fabric softeners
    • ● Do not dry clean


      • ● White

    Full Description

    Versatile Brolly Sheets Cot Pads will save time and hassle for busy parents.  The 100% cotton outer means a comfortable nights sleep and is perfect for newborns with delicate skin or children prone to eczema.   The innovative waterproof layer is not PVC, but a new type of fabric, almost like tee shirt material with a waterproof layer.  The fabric is very soft and makes no noise, not like the noisy sheets of days gone by, meaning a peaceful nights sleep for even the most restless sleeper's.  

    With Brolly Sheets Cot Pads you'll no longer need to strip the whole bed as you can just whip off the top layer,replacing it with a clean, dry Cot Pad in just seconds.  Not only that, but they are easily portable for protecting carpets and flooring during nappy free time or for protecting pillows during the inevitable vomiting bugs.  They can also be used in porta cots when travelling.  

    How many Brolly Sheets you need depends on how often you do the washing. We recommend three is a good number to start with as you always have a clean one to replace in the middle of the night. It’s great to have extras if you're going away for several nights or have an extra spilly baby. 


    "The Brolly Sheet for Michael is brilliant! I haven’t washed his sheets yet for 4 days in a row!!!! Just wash the new blue sheet and occasionally the top sheet. It is so nice not having to strip the bed every day. (I know it is a minor thing, but it’s just one less thing to do...) I wish I had found this years ago. Thanks so much." Karen - ACT Read more testimonials

    Watch a Brolly Sheets Demo:


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Rating Highly Recommend

By Karen from Blenheim on 26 July 2018

We purchased our first Brolly Sheet 10 years ago and cannot speak highly enough of it. They are soft and comfortable and the cotton outer was brilliant for our child with severe eczema. These are perfect for bed wetting and even stomach bugs and it is so much easier just to whip the wet one off, put a fresh one on. Everyone is back to sleep much quicker. For this reason I would recommend buying 2. We ended up buying 3 and they stood the test and still have plenty of wear in them.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Brolly Sheets Waterproof Mattress Protectors


 Actual Brolly Sheet with Wings Sizing

  Centre panel Flaps


50 x 71 cm /
19 x 28 inches

50 x 30 cm /
19 x 12 inches


95 x 95 cm /
38 x 38 inches

95 x 45 cm /
38 x 18 inches

King Single (UK large single size)

110 x 95 cm /
38 x 44 inches

95 x 45 cm /
38 x 18 inches


137 x 95 cm /
54 x 38 inches

95 x 45 cm /
38 x 18 inches

Queen (UK king size)

155 x 95 cm /
38 x 65 inches

95 x 45 cm /
38 x 18 inches


What size Brolly Sheet do you need?

    Brolly Sheet needed  
  Actual Bed Sizes Cot Single King Single Double Queen Notes

American Cot

69 x 130  cm

X X       Use only with young babies that are unable to roll or change sleeping positions. Stop use if baby is moving about in bed and the Brolly Sheet may become untucked.

Small Single / Toddler bed

75 x 190  cm

  X       A single Brolly Sheet on a small single bed will give you some extra tuck in.  You can even tuck it head to foot.


90 x 190 cm 

  X  X     A single Brolly Sheet on a single bed will fit great but if you are wanting some extra width to tuck in then choose a king single (UK large single size) Brolly Sheet.

King Single 

107 x 203 cm
  X  X     A king or large single on a single bed will leave a bit more sheet to tuck in.


135 x 190 cm        X  X    


152 x 203 cm 
       X  X Choosing a queen size Brolly Sheet will give you extra tuck in on a double bed. In the UK the queen size is known as a king size bed


How to care for your Brolly Sheets

  • ● Before first use, wash separately to soften the fabric and help to make it more absorbent. 
  • ● Cold or warm machine wash, line dry or warm tumble. 
  • ● Do not iron or dry clean or use bleach or fabric softeners.
  • ● Do not dry clean.
  • ● If used with an electric blanket please make sure your blanket is on a low setting.  


How to use a Brolly Sheet

Place the Brolly Sheet quilted side up on top of your bottom fitted sheet and tuck the sides in under the side of the mattress. Placing the Brolly Sheet over the bottom sheet makes it easier to quickly swap out a wet one for dry one in the middle of the night.  Watch the videos below and see just how easy it is to swap a Brolly Sheet.

Not recommended for use with electric blankets. If you have to then make sure the electric blanket is on a low setting. 

How do Brolly Sheets work?

Because Brolly Sheets lie on top of your normal bottom sheet, after an accident you just need to whip off the Brolly Sheet and replace with another. This means you do not need to strip the entire bed and start again and you can gain that extra beauty sleep! 

How much liquid does a Brolly Sheet hold?

A Brolly Sheets waterproof mattress protector holds just under 2 litres of liquid. 


 How Brolly Sheets Work - The Sleep Store - Mattress Protectors


Brolly Sheets stitching in detail The Sleep Store


How big are the flaps?

The average mattress is around 20 cm deep. Brolly Sheets “flaps” are 45 cm each side allowing you plenty to tuck under the mattress.  If you have an especially “wriggly” person in a single, a king single (or large single) will give you an extra 5 cm each side for extra tuck in.  A queen size on a double bed will also give you about 15cm extra each side to tuck in.


How many Brolly Sheets do I need?

We recommend 2 as a good start then you always have a clean one to use as a replacement in the middle of the night. Most people who buy one come back and buy a second - so it's cheaper on postage to buy two at once. It's great to have extras if you are going away for several nights or have more than one child toilet training.  If you are travelling, why not try the Brolly Sheets sleeping bag liner? Why not leave one at Grandma's house?


Do Brolly Sheets come in different sizes?

Yes, Brolly Sheets are available in single, king single and queen size. The single and king single come in all colours. The queen size is available in white, pink and blue only (if you need a Brolly Sheet for a double bed then you would buy the queen size). See the size guide above. 


I have a double bed what size Brolly Sheet sheet do I need to purchase?

You will need to buy the queen size Brolly Sheets or a double size Brolly sheet. Queen size is a little wider than the double you will have more to tuck under the mattress. 


Do I need to wash my Brolly Sheet before using it?

Yes, we recommend you wash your Brolly Sheet before you use it. Your Brolly Sheet will stand up to repeated washes in cold or warm water, you can just throw them in with a normal load. You can tumble dry them on low heat or line dry outside. Do not iron, do not dry clean and do not use fabric softeners. 


Are Brolly Sheets good for toilet training a toddler?

Yes! They are easy to fit and swap out when they get messy, saving precious sleep in the middle of the night. They wash easily and dry fairly quickly - you can even tumble dry them if need be. They are our number 1 option for a waterproof mattress protector.  If you're about to start toilet training your child, check out our free Toilet Training EBook, you guide to potty training.


How long do Brolly Sheets last?

Brolly Sheets can last a number of years without a noticeable change in performance, depending on how frequently they're washed and how well they're cared for. They are a good quality product that's reliable and well made. Many customers have mentioned how they have handed down their Brolly Sheets to their next child to use after their first no longer needed it.  


Do Brolly Sheets make a crinkly noise when you sleep on them?

No. They're waterproof but near-silent and crinkle free, so even the most restless sleepers can sleep in peace. 


What are Brolly Sheets made of?

Top (sleeping surface): 100% Cotton

Inner: 95% Polyester, 5% Rayon

Backing: 100% Polyester back polyurethane (PUL)

Wings: Poly Cotton

Brolly Sheets waterproof mattress protectors are made from 100% cotton with an polyester and rayon inner
















Can adults and other family members use Brolly Sheets?

Absolutely! Many pregnant and newborn mums use a Brolly Sheet on their own bed. Breastfeeding mums will also use a Brolly Sheet to catch any feeding leaks or spills in their bed and protect their mattress. Brolly Sheets are also incredibly popular with adults with bladder problems, their design appealing to all ages.



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