6 Month old in sleeping bag with comforter

Your baby is growing up, they're not a newborn any more! By 6 months, a lot of parents are absolutely shattered and are feeling a desperate need for more sleep.

You've come to the right place, we have lots of information to help you encourage your baby to sleep longer and lots of techniques so you can find something that fits your parenting philosophy.

Your baby may have been sleeping through and have started waking a lot again.....this is super common for babies over 5 months, we have all the info you need.

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Gently encourage longer sleep

Self settling often comes up in conversations about sleep, but sometimes parents assume  that this means sleep training involving lots of crying.

This article offers information on a gentle way forward towards more sleep if you feel ready for more sleep for you and your baby.  So we're going to proceed on the basis that you are sleep deprived, and /or you feel your baby needs more sleep, and you're investigating a gentle approach to encouraging more sleep.

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