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We frequently hear from parents of children aged between 9-18 months as this is a time of significant development and transition for wee ones, which can have a huge impact on their sleep. No longer an infant but not quite a toddler, the 9-18 month age bracket is often a period of disruption and new challenges.

Over these coming months, for instance, you’ll notice your baby beginning the process of acquiring early language. This can be an exciting development as you watch your wee one respond to words, repeat sounds back to you and wave hello on cue. It can also be a cause of huge frustration for them as they struggle to make themselves understood. Read More

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Sleep Challenges for Older Babies

The period from nine months on is such a gorgeous age - your baby will likely be babbling away, perhaps forming sounds or first words, getting their first teeth, learning to sit, crawl or even walk, and enjoying playing games. But these developmental milestones can also lead to huge sleeping challenges, even for babies who have been angelic sleepers for many months.

There are several issues you may face around this age:

  • Separation anxiety
  • Teething
  • Learning to move
  • Nap resistance
  • Early waking
  • Continued inability to self-settle


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