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Post-Natal Depression - Megan's Story

Post-Natal Depression - Megan's Story

I’m one of The Sleep Store customer services team and my journey back to work has taken 5 long years. I never wanted to be a full time SAHM but ended up there by default, unable to work, debilitated by PND and anxiety which paralysed me.

At my deepest depression I planned my exit, making sure I sure my husband knew to cut my daughters finger nails on Fridays after I was gone – I was sure they would be better off without me but still micromanaging the smallest details!

BUT! I’ve come a long way I now speak openly about it and encourage everyone to do some quick checks to take care of their mental health, it can strike anyone and by the time you are able to admit you need help the road back up can be tough.

My first check is, the mood barometer, everyone has one and it’s important to figure out what it is, for example mine is the washing pile, when it’s massive and I don’t care I know I need to take a few steps to get back on track. There are lots of places to find ways to get back on track and this is a good start. 

Facebook and Pinterest are good ways to keep your support network going but limit “screen time” especially before bed, and don’t use them as a way to avoid real time contact with people.

Getting back to basics like prioritising good sleep and nutrition is vital. The nutrition is especially important when you can’t get the good sleep part, and lets face it, we all became part of the Sleep Store community from lack of it….and I promise when we are packing your orders it drives us every single day. For milder ‘baby blues’ it’s still important to use self care and other methods covered in this article.

Other helpful sites:
Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Aotearoa  – a national charity who advocate for and create awareness for health care providers who are supporting families with anxiety & depression due to pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting.

This American site has a good balance of commentary, support and information and it’s given PND a greater profile in the media.

If breastfeeding has/isn’t working out I have found this online group run by an experienced counsellor, years after the experience they articulated all the things you feel when it hasn’t gone well and you’re struggling with the emotion that comes with it.

Big hugs to anyone out there who is struggling right now.