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Nappy Rash Solutions

Nappy Rash Solutions

The Sleep Store posted:

We all know that nappy rash can be miserable for a baby (or toddler), and often really hard to get rid of! So we asked our Facebook community what they recommend for fixing nappy rash fast. here's their wonderful feedback:

Our Facebook community posted:

Weleda calendula nappy cream works really well

Sudocream works a treat for us.

Hehe switch from reusable to a huggies! Also love Lucas Paw Paw :-)

Pawpaw ointmen

Made for Baby for mild rash, clears it up by the end of the day. For a bad one sudocream or bepanthin, then lots and lots of Made for Baby over the top to create a really good barrier. Dr said to me when it was really bad at one point if the cream isnt visible it wont work, you need it to be a white layer.

Lucas's papaw, i am such a fan of that stuff. in J's 1 yr of life, she has only ever had nappy rash once and that was when she was very young and from the huggies wipes (thank goodness) nappy rash in a bad state is so heartbreaking

As much nappy free time as is humanly possible :)

Have to say that out of everything that I've tried, and I mean everything, I swear by Bepanthen.

lol mindy, we are the opposite, change from sposie to a cloth nap. I found weleda rash relief cream amazing, really healing and nice!

Def paw paw! and regular nappy changes with lots of nappy off time in the sun...when its around..

I use lucas's papaw on my daughter its great

Nothing worked for DD until we put tea tree oil in her nightly bath....we were given every lotion and potion under the sun by the doc....anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti everything - but none of it worked long term!

My son had really really bad nappy rash when he was a couple of weeks old (bleeding etc). Midwife told me not to use baby wipes and to use a cloth or a nappy liner dipped in olive oil. Thought she was a bit crazy but it worked! really quickly too and I didn't have to leave the house to by more products either!

Pawpaw first to heal and then sudocream on top as a barrier. Works a treat

Eco Store bum ever, i even have a second pottle to use on the little red sore bit she sometimes gets in her neck crease. It's also great for cradle cap and dry skin (on me!)

Johnson and Johnson products are the worst! So harsh! Got frustrated one day and used a Lush product- sensitive skin moisturiser- redness and spots go down in a matter of hours. It's hard for us because we use cloth nappies, so barrier creams aren't great, but have discovered that moisturiser works so much better anyway, and we so rarely get it.

Bepanthen is fantastic. Have tried many others but this is definitely tops. Also great on my sore, cracked 'mummy hands'!

We use old towels cut up or face cloths with warm water for wipes as perfumed wipes are so harsh!!! I've also just started using Bepanthan & have been amazed at how good it is.

Bepanthan Ointment - i swear by it, we use it every nappy change and every time Koby gets even a hint of a rash (from teething etc etc) Bepanthan seems to get rid of it overnight! - it's specially made for nappy rash etc, i think there's bepanthan cream as well but thats' not the right one. :-)

I tried all sorts of creams ointments, and found that cornflour works amazingly well, and quickly!

My girl has just gotten a really bad thrush rash from teething - first time ever getting nappy rash! We've had to use a cream from the docs to clear it up but also use curash and bepanthan over the top. We use cloth naps too and haven't found any issues with using creams, I just make sure I use flushable or fleece liners.

I also find the fragrance free pams wipes are really good. No rash at all with these and they are cheap too

If all else fails then I highly recommend cornflour!

Also a cream called Baby B is ok you can get it from the baby factory but i still swear by bepanthan..

Sudocream is a winner combined with some bare bottom time works a treat.

My baby gets those sore little red bits under her arms in the creases, first time I saw it I fet awful! but paw paw heals it really quick too, gotta remind DH to dry in all the nooks and crannys..

Made for baby! Great stuff.

Very rare get nappy rash! only had once per child, not yet had one for youngest (4th child) who is turning 1 at weekend. Used Sudocream once and did worked, others just recovered within 24hours by itself.

We used cloth nappies and wipes with only water. Hardly ever had nappy rash at all. But if there was we used the sample from Reach me packs of Bepanthan...but never used a whole little tube, it worked well.

We like Made 4 Baby too. I used Weleda on my first which is great but stinks and was forever checking to see if he had done a poo! Didn't like to be out in company with that on LOL!

Havent had it (yet) but we use mcn's with liners and wipes are cloths dipped in warm water that has a tiny bit of the gaia bath & body wash added. usually has lots of nuddie time each day too, but not atm as too scared there will be another big earthquake while he has no pants on!

Definitely Weleda nappy rash cream. Best thing ever.

Water washing - no soaps, then lots of NO NAPPY time.. and when bottom totally dry then vitamin e/castor oil cream slathered on... normally cleared ours up in a day!

sudocreme always sorts it out the fastest by a long shot for me

Weleda nappy change cream - we have tried all the natural and famous ones, and absolutely LOVE the Weleda one. My little boy gets terrible teething nappy rash - within minutes will be raw & bleeding - but this soothes all the redness immediately. Love it!

cloths wipes followed by Gaia Baby Powder (cornflour) followed by Weleda Nappy Change Cream. THat is our winning combo for keeping bottoms looking lovely :) We used Bepanthan ointment recently for the tiniest little spot of rash (less than ...2mm, crazy tiny sore bit) because the weleda wasn't healing it and that worked brilliantly.

Disposible wipes are the worst thing for sore bottoms.

tui bee balme is the only thing I've tried that works! Sudocrem, daktozin, curash and bepanthen all fed the rash instead of getting rid of it.

We have used colidal silver cream. Great stuff to have 'cos it can be used on anything - baby and adult.

Bepanthan and lots of no nappy time. Niicole - i was told the absolute opposite - to be careful using too much barrier cream as it can simply come off on the inside of the nappy and stop the nappy absorbing the liquid so quickly. We used disposables so maybe different advice??

Baby Bottom Cream by Millstream Gardens. THE BEST EVER! Works as both treatment and preventative. Gives instant relief.

Huggies nappies! My boy is 5 months old and hasn't had one bit of nappy rash. I put it down to the fantastic nappies...oh and some great cleaning by mum lol

Paw paw crean

Bepanthan. Only thing that works.

Sudocream - best ever for quick relief!

Think it depends on why your child gets it!!! When we first encountered a bit of the spots etc we did the nappy free thing, only for it to be bleeding at the next change! Our boy has very dry (boderline eczema) and for us it's Emulsifying cream (Giant tub only about $7 at chemist lasts forever) at EVERY SINGLE change. And learning to smell the difference between the pooh that's normal, and those more acidic ones that must be dealt with NOW! hahaha...

Paw Paw or Made 4 Baby

Haven't had to deal with much nappy rash at all with my boy but when he got it from molar teething we used Baking soda (I do a few tablespoons but I don't think it really matters exactly how much) in the bath, and no wipes at all, just a bowl of warm water with baking soda in it and soft muslin cloths, and we use sudocream too.

My boys rarely got the nappy rash, but Lucas paw paw oitment is great.

LOTS of nappy off time, and I found sudocrem really good. Still use it now at 7 months!

Bepanthan for us both times she has had it, but we never used wipes, would wash her bottom in warm water until she was about 6 months old and we never had any rash until we started cloth nappies - i switched from cotton to pocket nappies and no problems since. We also do lots of nappy off time :)

Catch it quick and Bepanthen at every nappy change - either one is fine... I also have Suvana but it's so cold it doesn't come out of the tube easily and doesn't rub in well so might save that one for summer!!! I've heard it's pretty good though...

What about chafing around the neck presumably from clothes getting wet from dribble. I've tried aqueous, aveeno, pawpaw - nothing seems to make a difference. Trying to use a bib as much as possible to stop her clothes from getting wet. Thanks

Zinc & Castor Oil Cream with Vitamin A, a really inexpensive product from the supermarket (teddy bear pic on it). My son is nearly 4 months old and I've used it every nappy change for about 3 months and we're still on the same tub!

I like Weleda. Also the midwife suggested we switch from Huggies wipes to Johnson and Johnson - they are not as rough - seemed to clear Lily's nappyrash up straight away. I've also used sudocream a couple of times when it got bad and that worked great too.

I soak all my wipes in water to get rid of as many chems as possible.

I've used Paw Paw, Sudocreme and Bepanthen, plus tea tree in bath, and while these all control the rash, they don't eliminate it completely. My bubs only started getting ...nappy rash when we started solids (never before), did anyone else experience this?

Curash n Sudocream

Bepanthan Nappy rash cream

Weleda rash relief cream is fantastic and also for teething rash round neck if you don't have an amber necklace.

We don't have a lot of nappy rash. I use cloth nappies and don't use baby wipes - use cloths and warm water instead. However at the slightest sign of red out comes the Bepanthen...I swear by it. My first son had thrush on his bottom and the only thing that worked for it was Bepanthen and Curash Anti-Nappy Rash Powder.

Huggies and pawpaw is amazing one day and it's gone with my daughter!!

I use Dactozin its the best works staright away

Dactozin is incredible for those really nasty cases!!

Paw Paw ointment works a treat on nappy rash and alot of other things too!!!!!!!


MEBO ointment- from the pharmacy. About $30 a tube but works when none of the stuff the doctor prescribed did. And I just use a litlle straight on the skin, with good old Zinc & Castor Oil over the top as a barrier.
Schladetsch Saxon's never had nappy rash - the moment he looks a tiny bit pink we pop on some Weleda Nappy Cream or Lucas' pawpaw ointment. My parents used the SAME tub of Lucas pawpaw ointment on us kids when we were babies! It's great stuff.

Pawpaw ointment is also excellent to smear on baby's nose and cheeks if they get a cold (or yours too) - stops the chapping.

Cloth wipes soaked in Camomile tea really helps nappy rash

Weleda nappy change cream or paw paw and stay away from cheap and nasty nappies

Lucas's pawpaw cream is the best!!!

Paw paw ointment all the way! Maddie never gets nappy rash if I use it every change.

Huggies nappies and huggies wipes and we rarely get it, if we do its pawpaw cream to fix it.

Zinc and castor oil ointment :-) And lots of nappy free time.

My boy only ever got nappy rash when a tooth was cutting. I found using either sudocream or bepathen during the day and then curash powder at night helped clear it up.

Paw paw ointment - fantastic stuff :)

Definately Made4Baby Botty Barrier Creme!! (and use a little bit of All Over Baby Lotion on a nappy liner to get yucky poos off - I tend to just use these and a bit of water for other nappy changes. Wipes seem to make nappy rash worse)...we get so many people loving the Barrier Creme, some people by in bulk!

Bepanthen gets my vote

Curash nappy pwdr is the winner with my lil boys bums!

paw paw cream if I get to it early enough or sudocream if need a bit more strength!

Tui Bee balm

Bepanthan and water to wipe rather than bought wipes.

This might be a Taranaki only solution - but is amazing so I have to mention anyway. I have needed at very limited times on both my sons and has cleared it up within a day or two even on really raw patches. Dr Singh's (local dermatologist) nappy rash cream. I use Curash powder quite a bit too. Some New Plymouth chemists will sell directly, some ask for prescription from GP.

Tui bee balm have used it on both my kids and will be using it on my third due in a few weeks

Weleda :)

Lots of airtime, and Sudocreme... use liners for those cloth nappies tho'

I use an awesome product from Mother-well called yippee nappy. All completely natural ingredients and works really well and quickly.

Olive nappy cream. Works great.

Bepanthen! I think it works because it forms a barrier whilst allowing the skin to breathe. Tried every natural product going but this is the only thing that worked.

My favorite is a US product called Bag Balm. Originally created for a cow's udder, it is a fantastic antiseptic, and usually clears nappy rash up in just one go.

weleda calendula diaper cream, smells really good too!


Vitamin A (Ungvita) The best thing I have ever used. One of those wise plunket nurses recomended it to me. :)

Lucas paw paw ointment is fab

kiwiherb's calendula balm for nappy rash & under-neck/in folds redness ;

Thanks to everyone who contributed their great nappy rash solutions!