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What makes wool so wonderful?

We love wool at The Sleep Store and we beleive using breathable, naturally temperature regulating clothing and bedding with your baby is best. Recent research also suggests that babies sleep better in wool.

Wool fibres form natural air pockets that act as insulators keeping babies warm without sacrificing breathability. This means your baby will always be at the right temperature – never too cold, never too hot.  It can also absorb up to 30% of its own weight in water without feeling damp, so baby remains warm despite nappy leaks or spills.  Wool is also resistant to mould, mildew and bacteria; which helps create a healthy sleeping environment.

Wool is natural, renewable and uses less energy than man-made fibres to produce.  Wool garments will last and look good for longer – their fibres are very durable and elastic and can be bent tens of thousands of times without breaking with the power to return to their natural shape.

Modern wool can also be machine-washed and because the fibres retain a small amount of natural oil, wool fibre resists dirt and grease. Wool does not promote the growth of bacteria which also helps to stop odours developing. With microscopic scales, wool fibres can trap dust in the top layers until vacuumed away. Wool offers high UV protections and is flame retardant with a higher ignition threshold than many other fibres.

If you are looking for pieces to last more than one child then wool is an excellent choice. When your wool item comes to the end of its life it's naturally boidegradable and takes only a few years to decompose.

On this page you'll find links to all our information about wool including, clothing temperature guides, sizing info, winter swaddling & bedding suggestions and wash care guides for removing stains (handy when explosive nappies happen). You'll also find links to our most popular wool ranges from Woolbabe to Icebreaker, Mokopuna, Babu and of course our own designs by The Sleep Store.



Our Top Wool Styles




Best In Wool At The Sleep Store


Our hand-picked ranges feature hundreds of wool styles, particularly those made from Merino wool, which has all the beneficial properties of wool - but supercharged!

Woolbabe is the number one choice for parents looking for a high-quality sleeping bag made with Merino. We also offer other Merino options by Babu and Nature Baby plus our own 100% Merino sleeping bag. See our guide on choosing the right sleeping bag here.

Blankets are a must-have and you'll find a huge selection in a range of sizes here. Alongside our own 100% superfine merino fleece blankets you'll find much-loved styles from NZ Wool Blankets & Lou & Olly  plus EcoSprout, Babu and Nature Baby.

Once your little one is ready to move up to a big bed you'll find that a wool underlay and (when they are old enough) a duvet inner can make a huge difference to the quality of their sleep, helping them to stay cosy through the night. In addition to our award-winning range of Sleep Store bedding you'll find designs by Fairydown and MoeMoe. Read our 'How much bedding does baby need' guide and watch our Facebook live video about bassinet and cot bedding (see link above).

Getting the little things right can make a huge difference to the quality of a sleep. Merino clothing basics such as bodysuits, vests, onesies, pyjamas and socks are all essential items for any little ones wardrobe. We recently introduced our own range of superfine 100% merino basics that are incredible value in addition to styles by Mokopuna, Babu and Nature Baby plus clothing for big kids & adults from Icebreaker.  Don't forget to keep big and little toes toasty with our range of Lamington socks and tights.

And remember use our search bar and drop down filters to find the size and styles you are looking for faster.




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